"shot through the heart" necklace - pic

  1. Is this the craziest necklace you've ever seen? I find it kind of disturbing.:huh:
  2. oh my gosh, that is so crazy.. would never buy it..
  3. haha I think it's kinda funny. I can see a hip 20-something wearing this.
  4. I wonder if Heather Locklear will be buying one?

    :golfclap: :cry:
  5. In a very odd way, I kind of like it!! Am I weird?!
  6. lol that was nice, i like it

    and i actually like the necklace as well...could it be i'm a hip 20-something??!?!?!
  7. wow- I dont know what to say...for once...lol........
  8. Yes, you are my favorite hip 20-something! :heart:
  9. awww i feel the hip 20-something love :love:
  10. :cry: aweeeee..I want to be a hip 30 something...sniff..sob..OK,I still cant say I love this necklace though!!

    :lol: LOL................To each his own!!
  11. lol You can be a hip 30-something, too!
  12. :noggin:

    aaaargh....not my style:Push:
  13. ;) I'll be that hip 20 something
  14. Kinda cute in a mad rockstar way. I wouldn't wear it but with the right person... Go for it, you hip girls! :smile:
  15. Trendy kind of piece...not for longterm