Shot my Wad. Can you relate?

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  1. Well 2006/2007 Winter season has been a hefty one for me with purses (mostly Chloe) and shoes (mostly Chloe boots); blankety blank designer that they are!!:cursing:

    I mean this in a good way actually, I really adore Chloe's leather goods, not to mention their ruffled tops. Anyway I digress. Tonight I'm paying bills; Checks to NM; Checks to Saks; Checks to PayPal; Checks to Visa. I felt like a corporate CEO the way I was pounding them out there. I figured it will take me FIVE MONTHS to swipe away my zero percent bills (with a few months to spare) but I have to stop buying Chloe things untill then.

    I was almost in purgatory earlier this afternoon when Chloe-babe broadcasted those Chloe boots on sale at NP. My fingers almost had a mind of their own. Do you know what I did? I pulled out my ugly VISA bill and stared at it for 5 minutes and then I shut my computer!!

    Pray for me!!!!!!:sweatdrop:

    Arduous purse ban for at least 5 months.:sos:
  2. Yes, I just posted a whole buncha beautiful Balenciaga's (most with pewter hardware!) fs because I can totally relate. The straw that broke the camels back? The new bronze paddy.
  3. LOL, I live this!!!
  4. susierb, you are not alone!!! :yes:
  5. Great idea! I should do that too:idea:
    When my dh comes back from Washington D.C. on the 26 April, he's going to check his credit card bills, after which he's definitely going to have a sweet-talk :lecture:with yours truly -- and yours truly here will have to come up with some good excuses on why she purchased 3 bags and a Blythe Picca Dolly last month:push: "A doll, for god's sake!" he will say. AHA!:idea: Shall I say the dolly is for my little girl?:graucho:

    oh my, I am so sneaky:sneaky:
  6. :wtf: eek!
    Thought I'd stumbled onto a porn site when I read that title :wtf:

    'Shot my Wad' means another thing here in the UK... :wtf:
  7. It's generational thing, I think...I'm a baby boomer and that was definitely NOT one of our least not among women! LOL:rolleyes:

  8. Haha! Same here! I was looking at the new postings under the Designer Forum and saw the title. I go :wtf: wha..........t?

  9. Yep, me too. I told my DH that I wouldn't buy anything else for 3 months and he said, "I'd be happy if you can make it one month."

    I have my Chloe purses, shoes, a top, and a skirt.
    I also bought two pairs of Christian Louboutins and a pair of Jimmy Choos.
    A lot was on sale but I now have to be done!

    P.S. I was thinking porn too :-P
  10. I can certainly relate. LOLOLOL.

    I found another company to invest in last night.

    Searching for a Tommy & Kate bag for someone on the pc. I spotted BidTv.:yes:

    It looks like I made several phone calls again last night. I wonder if I can press charges against my pain specialist, there should be a warning on these bottles.

    There are brief periods of my life, which are totally black!!!! I cannot remember, at all.

    So far, there have been some very strange things happen here, due to a conversation I had with my OH when he comes in after evening shift, and I am semi-asleep. He has bought some really odd things, and when I have asked what is that for, he tells me I asked for it the night before.

    The best yet, is a wallpapering table. Sheesh. I just almost fell off my chair laughing.

    I have to life, otherwise I would drive myself insane, over the horrendous situation. LOLOL
  11. I was thinking porn too (after I posted). We used this expression all the time when I was growing up in reference to "no money"...sooooo...

    Man I also have to stay off of eBay. What else is there to on a computer besides purse forum?
  12. So funny you post this thread Susieserb, I was just thinking I have lost my mind spending like the money is just going to replace itself. I haven't been able to buy as much as I usually do because DH is working from home to help with the new baby and he would definately not appreciate a fedex delivery at the door every other day:lol: .
    Not being able to buy on impulse as I usually do as forced me to see that maybe I need to take a break because all I think about daily is the next Chloe bag, but how do you do it? I can't stay off of the computer:shrugs:
  13. This thread is priceless!
  14. Yes --- I totally relate... just for the first quarter, i bought A LOT!!!!!!!

    I guess the good think though is no C/C debt :wtf:

    I need some serious HELP!!!!!!!!!!! :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop:

    So now i'm on a 30 day ban from everything!!! :push:
  15. I can totally relate! Three (yes, three!) Bay bags, an Edith, a Paddy, a Spy and I can't tell you how many b-bags so far this year! And it's only April!!! :sweatdrop: :push: :sweatdrop:

    I must stop now as funds have run out but these babies are sooooo addictive aren't they! :sos: