Shot Down by EBay

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  1. image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg I purchased a vintage LV on eBay several years ago. Had it authenticated by Submarine.
    -I think it's post #801?? I've carried the purse a few times-not really my style -listed it on EBay to sell. It's been removed and got my hand slapped and directed to the policy regarding counterfeit items. This is the second one in a week they've pulled-grrrr. I've sold several LV's in the past as well as Gucci and LongChamp. I give up:doh: they're not in the best condition but it was clearly stated. Not wanting to spend big bucks for a certificate of Authenticy in order to sell due to the condition. It's not worth it after eBay, PayPal and USPS get their nickels and dimes.
  2. It could be that someone is flagging your listings to Ebay as counterfeit.
  3. I don't understand why my items would get flagged. And even if someone thought they were counterfeit and reported me-doesn't eBay have authenticators to confirm prior to removing? Idk -I trust opinions from TPF members in reference to authenticating or identifying items. I would never have listed this or any other item if I doubted the authenticity. It upsets me as to the amount of time It took to photograph the items and to insure the descriptions were accurate. I plan to get them professionally authenticated -but they won't go back on eBay.
  4. I do believe it takes quite a few people to flag an item before it gets removed. While I can't speak for your items authenticity because I'm not an LV authenticator, you'd be surprised how many sellers say "I would never have listed this or any other item if I doubted the authenticity", all the while knowing that their items are replicas.
    The thing is that people flat out lie, and sadly it's all those who are honest who also have to pay the price.

    Again, please note that I'm not in any way saying your items aren't authentic, just that it's happened to a LOT of us....and yes, it can be infuriating.
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