Shorts for the office (NYT article)

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  1. Interesting style article from the NYT:

    Has anyone worn shorts in the office? Is it appropriate?

    I work in a very young and casual office, so some of the women (including myself), have worn "longer" shorts (DC is starting to get balmy). They are really comfy, and I've worn ones that reach or cover my knees, but don't think I would wear anything shorter than that.
  2. As long as they're not too short (no more than about 4" or 5" above the knee; like a longish miniskirt) I think they're fine.

    After all, if trousers (pants) are OK and skirts are OK - why not shorts? They're less revealing than a skirt, after all! :yes:
  3. if they're not too sexy or not appropriate i'd say yes....they're just comfy and different!:yes::yes:
  4. I like them. It gives u more choices for the office attire. I mean they can't be super short but still have the same restrictions as skirts and dresses which is what no more than 2-3 inches above the knee. They r versatiles with sandals in the summer and knee high boots in the winter.
  5. I remember thinking that linen shorts looked great for dressing up in the nineties. I seem to notice that look coming back. Some of the shorter gaucho pants would probably be great for the office.

    Meanwhile, I work in a university environment where pretty much anything goes. I could teach class in my sweats if I chose to (I do NOT!!). One guy does. So I'm not very in touch w/ business attire.

    I think that most of my clothes are "business casual" (the equivalent of a guy wearing khakies and a polo) and I definitely wear bermudas, sun dresses, and capries all the time in the summer. I've also seen models (in magazines) wearing really short shorts as part of they are "dressed up" but still showing thier full leg. I suspect that might be great if you work in hollywood or a glamour industry, but not so good for a typical midwestern or east coast office.
  6. The closest thing I've worn to shorts are those gaucho pants. They're not inappropriate to wear to work. It sits just above the knee.
  7. I wear cute shorts to work they are awsome!
  8. I supposed it depends on your industry. But generally, if you're in an office setting--no shorts. Plus you might want to consult your employee handbook. Lots of employers say "no shorts."
  9. :sad: I am not allowed to wear shorts or jeans to work even on casual friday. I hate that, because I believe you can wear those shorts or even jeans and make it look very professional