Shorts, Fashionable or Practicable ??

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  1. Do you wear them ?
    Can Men look good in them ?
    Are they fashionable or Practicable ?

    I personally dont wear them because I have never ever seen a pair that I thought looked cute.
    My Husband wears them in the Summer alot, and he looks fine, plus he does have good calves.

    What are your views ?
  2. I LIVE in shorts when I go to the gym. Seriously, I love gym shorts.

    Other than that, I almost always bypass shorts for a mini skirt, skirts just are so much more flattering. :smile: I like the longer styled shorts ( i.e. bermuda shorts and the variations of that) but I don't usually wear the short short kind. :-P The only exception would be these really cute older shorts I have that are one colored, pinstriped and fit loose and look like short cutoffs. They're really adorable.

    I don't know, I wore shorts a lot more when I was like......14? A lot of girls wear white shorts here, and I've considered buying a pair.

    PS. Guys in shorts any higher than their knee is a NO NO!
  3. I wear shorts a lot during the summer, since it gets so $#%@ hot here. I have a couple of pairs, both short and long (at the knee). My boyfriend wears shorts almost all the time, he buys the super-long "guy shorts" by Volcom or Vans. I don't think guys don't look good in any shorts that are above the knee :blink:
  4. I prefer capris to shorts on the street, but shorts in the gym, especially for things like hot yoga are a must !!
  5. Men need to stop wearing shorts, unless they play soccer :love::love::love: aka yummy musclar calves.

    I am so glad that whole evening wear shorts idea is fading out. It never seemed right but on a handful of people (who would probably look good in a trash bag).

    I love capris for working out and day. Capri jeans are divine!
  6. I'm not a fan of shorts. I wore them as a kid but not anymore. Some people look okay in them, but IMO they are super casual. I hate it when I go to a restaurant or anywhere other than an amusement park and people are in shorts. To me it just sends a message that the person doesn't really give a @%^$*@ That's my two cents.
  7. I think the new thing is gonna be Bermudas! I want some in various shades. My ex wears shorts. They look fine on men to me....
  8. I like shorts, but it doesn't seem like there's a right place to wear them. They're too relaxed. I :love: capris and wear them almost everyday of the summer. I noticed most people who wear shorts often look :sick: in them.
  9. i wear shorts when im at work.... just long girl ones and carpi or 3/4 pants.... can't show too much skin - some of the professors might fall over! ha ha!!!
  10. I've always hated shorts, I wear a ton of skirts in the summer. However, I really like that new style...with the rolls... lol I'll have to get a pic. Anyways, I would wear those.
  11. shorts for me are only when i'm working out or something. otherwise i'd rather wear a skirt.
  12. I can't pull them off, but hats off to people that can!
    I live in capris in the summer though.
  13. I haven't wear a lot of shorts outside of the house although I do love them to death. Maybe I'll wear more of it this summer. I love summer because I wear a lot of sun dresses or skirts! It's perfect time to dress up and show case the bags!!
  14. i can't bring myself to wear shorts outside of the house (unless it's like athletic shorts to the gym or something)

    we have a saying at my college...florida fans wear jean shorts (the explanation of why we have that saying, however funny it may be to me, is probably not very interesting to y'all, so i'll save it) no matter what starlet wears them, i will not be, for fear of being mistaken for a florida fan!
  15. I've never really been a big fan of shorts, mainly because most of the ones that are juniors sizes are like super short, and since I have a big butt and thighs, they aren't very flattering. So for me, its capris most of the time. But I like bermudas, I'll probably get a few pairs if they look good on me.

    The only time I will wear shorts is to dance if its really hot out, and I would have to wear the Soffe shorts to cheerleading camp every summer I went, I hated them because of how short they are!