Shorts And Heels ??

  1. shorts to me are supposed to be casual so i only wear shorts w/ flip flops or sneakers. i'm not into the fancy shorts look.
  2. if you're trying to be classy and wear those longer 'dressy' shorts with a blazer or something, I guess certain heels could look ok.
    But with denim or khaki shorts, I think heels look stupid.
    and the only shorts I wear are soffees to the gym or beach or whatever, so heels are out of the question for me personally too.
  3. maybe with kitten heels or personally? I like flip flops & shorts....of course most of my shorts are college logo shorts...the leprechaun doesn't really go with heels lol
  4. I know they're trying to sell this look now in the magazines, but I don't think it really works.
  5. Everytime I think of shorts and heels I think of the 80's and girls who'd wear them together..."heels" usually meant white pumps with toe cleavage. :P Add big hair and some dark streaks of blush and "Tainted Love" thumping in the background and the picture is complete.
  6. I stopped wearing shorts several years ago when I stopped sitting in the sun. I'm very fair and lilly white legs IMO are not attractive.
  7. I love it when the shorts are dressier and knee length (Bermuda shorts). I think the shorts in the picture are too short and too casual for this to work.
  8. I am! And I love the new shorts that are out paired with heels.
  9. i think its a very preppy rich look, def has style. But for myself i havent dared to try, i always feel like u have to have killer thin legs for those. However i do wear gaucho pants with heels=)
  10. This look isnt for me. I would wear shorts only with flats or sneakers...
  11. I love shorts. I practically live in shorts during summer. I quite like that look. I think shorts and heels are OK when wearing a top that doesn't show too much skin.
  12. Lol, very true!!

    Actually, I do believe that this look can be pulled off. But it does seem to require very skinny legs and just the right kind of heel -- maybe a kitten or low wedge. I think it's really cute and forward looking, but it just seems impractical for everyday wear here in smalltown USA.
  13. I have the Johnsons shorts and they look really nice with wedges. I have friends who wear them on a night out with understated pumps. It really looks nice, especially because the shorts aren't too tight.
  14. Actually I LOVE the look... it is so sexy IMO. But then again, I would need those legs from that model if I were to dare to bare like that!!