Shorties with pics of Couriers!

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  1. I have a craving for that huge expanse of Bal leather that is the courier...looking for shorties that have the regular size (not the extra large) to post a mod shot. I've searched the threads and while there are pics of the bags, and a few with mod shots, no one has listed whether or not they're rocking the regular or the extra large so I'm adrift on this. I'm quite small (5'1") but determined to get one, even if it ends up being an overnight bag rather than a day to day one....soooo much squishy leather... please help if you can, TIA!
  2. I have the Tempete courier on the way but I'm not a shortie so can't help you with the size. What is the difference between the regular size and extra large? I realized that I'm not sure which one I Is there a courier that you have in mind already?
  3. So you did buy it? I thought so when I saw the listing's a great colour. I thought you said Erica called it the regular size? Or did I dream that? I'll try to find some dimensions and post them...
  4. Erica had the dimensions in the listing and didn't specifically say if it was regular or extra large. I think I just assumed it was regular size because she didn't say it was extra large. I couldn't stop myself from buying it due to the price, how much everyone loves Tempete, and wanted a big bag with a strap. It should be here tomorrow or Tuesday!:nuts:
  5. Please post a couple of mods shots!
  6. Sorry, didn't answer your question, there's a nice one on eBay in purple but I think I need a more neutral colour. They say it's extra large and the dimensions are 17" H x 21" W x 9" D with a 21" strap drop. I can't find anything that compares the two sizes so far and the dimensions I do see are all slightly different so it's a tad confusing. What dimensions did Erica have for the tempete? There's one on RDC and she has it listed as 14.5" H x 55.5" W x 8" D with a 17" strap drop which can't be right...55.5" wide??? The rest of the dimensions could make this a regular size so I's assuming the width is a typo.
  7. Hi, I just registered here today! Very new:smile: Have you found your ideal courier? If not, here I have some pics for you and I am 5'-3", slim. I think the regular size (21/22"wide) is perfect on me. Hope it helps!
    DSC_1617.jpg DSC_1618.jpg
  8. Hi and welcome! Thanks, I did find mine, an 08 marine and I love it. What colour is yours? It's gorgeous!
  9. Thank you muchstuff! I actually found your reveal of the courier after posting mine. It was a gorgeous color too and I am thinking about buying a same one since there is one available on ebay. Because I also have the 08 marine part time, and the color appears darker. I love this marine in the blue family:smile:, it almost fits all my cloth color scheme... Btw, my courier is an 07 paprika. Thankfully I did some research by digging into this forum and it helped me make the right decision to go for it. Usually I am cautious of buying reddish stuff just by watching pics. But, this orange/red color looks insane under the sun!
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  10. Welcome to tPF...these are STUNNING PICS!! You look absolutely GORGEOUS! :heart: Your courier looks like it was made for you!
  11. Thanks very much for your sweet comments, Kendie26:heart:...Discovery of this fabulous courier is also a big surprise for me!
    Recently I found some old pics ( since 2009, not that old) with my beloved bal bags and I will try to share them later on. TPF is really a fantastic place to get knowledgeable!
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