Shorties with Large Belly

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  1. I've been looking at the belly for ages...are there any shorties out there that have mod shots of either size? I always lean towards the larger bags but have lately been trying to size down a little. Found a lovely one in large but am afraid it might be too big? I have a large campana and a large veneta for reference. Thanks all!
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  2. I had a large belly hobo and it wears smaller than you’d think. If it’s a newer one, it does feel like you’re wearing a tire. But the drape is quite nice once it’s broken in. The opening on a belly hobo feels smaller than other BV hobos.
    Our @Mousse has a large belly and she is petite. Let’s she if she can comment. Have you done a search?
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  3. Thanks grietje, I did do a search and found a few pics but some of the links to earlier photos are broken. And they weren't specifically on shorter gals. How does the large belly compare to a baseball hobo, roundness-wise? May I ask why you sold yours?
  4. The belly wears a bit wider from east to west. The baseball wears longer. Also the bag hugs the arm out a bit more — there’s not as much clearance if that makes sense.

    I sold mine in one of those crazed ‘Oh my! I have sooo many bags moments.’ And given I was working more than playing, a hobo had to go. So not for a logical reason.
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  5. I know those moments all too well...I'm eyeing my closet and have just sold a couple of bags that a month ago I had no intention of selling. Thanks for the info re: the Belly, maybe I need one of each size...:lol:.
  6. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  7. @grietje one more question please...does the inside bunch up at the "corners" where the bag is rounded on the outside? I dislike bags where there's so much lining that you can't find your stuff...
  8. IMG_0656.JPG
    Found this picture just recently.

    Ms is not very short. The bag is quite large. More for overnights away or day trips somewhere. As an everyday going out or going to work bag. I would think it is a bit big.

    The bag in the photo is a nice shape. I suspect it has a beach towel or similar inside it.
  9. I don’t recall that at all. The only downside is the opening seems small for the bag. I definitely think one would not put a beach bag inside it. It’d be hard to get in and equally hard to get out.
  10. The large Nero belly is very “puffy” when new. It will slouch over time. I don’t have trouble finding things in my belly. I’ve had mine for 10 years now. It fits well against my body. Hope this helps.
  11. Thanks everyone, I still don't feel like I'm any closer to picking a size but I do feel more informed!
  12. I have the smaller belly and love it! Fits somewhere between the medium & large veneta. I don’t have any issues with the lining bunching up. Sorry I have no photo of it worn. I am 5’3”, slim/petite and I tried on my sis’ large belly and it definitely looked enormous on me.
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