Shorties with biggies: model your bags! (petite frames with works & weekenders)

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  1. anyone around 5 feet 3 and under, or even better are you my height?

    i'm 4 feet 11, highly doubt it but i'm considering a work sized bag. would that be completely ridiculous on me? wouldn't be for everyday, just for those days when i'm carrying a ton of stuff.

    please post your photos carrying your work bag! would love to see.

  2. tooooooooooooooooooooo big. But then that's me. LOL!!!

    I think there's someone in the "visual aids" section who's 5 or 5"2 with a work bag.
  3. I'm five feet nothing and I tried on the Work at Holt's - it wasn't too big IMO but I like big bags.

    I prefer my City though for everyday use. I think the Work would be great for those days when you have to carry everything but the kitchen sink!
  4. been looking thru the photo thread but so far everyone is either 5 feet 4 and above....
  5. I'm 5'3" and I've had the '06 Rouge Vif Work for a short time only - I sold it coz I thought it was too big for me :shame: :sad:

    112-1253.pf_IMG.jpg 112-1254.pf_IMG.jpg
  6. wow! i have the rouge vif in the city size. it looks brand spanking new in that photo. i think if the work was more broken in, it wouldn't seem that big, maybe? hmmmm....
  7. ^^ I'm 5' even, and to me it doesn't even seem THAT big. I think you can definitely pull it off, Fayden!
  8. Fayden I haven't got a pix but I tried the work in NM the other and it seemed fine - I'm 5ft1.5/105 pounds, the weekender was another story though - of course the latter was stuffed with paper, perhaps I should have tried it without that.
  9. I'm 5'2" with a small frame and I just got my first Work. It's NOT too big, no no no!!! Have you seen those pics of Seahorseinstripes with her gorgeous Weekender? She's around 90 lbs and 5'3" (I think???) and she totally rocks it!

    If you're used to carrying a City, the Work will not look/feel much bigger. I had the same "bigness" concerns you had before I bought my Work, but I really had nothing to worry about! Plus, it's so practical!
  10. ^^^ that's so true. seahorseinstripes is my hero! LOL. i can't believe she has a weekender on her tiny frame, i bet she can sit inside it. i'm seriously thinking about getting the work as my next bag. i have plenty of cities....
  11. fayden... i have been eyeing the work size too ... :biggrin: love big bags...
  12. i'm 5'2 i tried the work and it wasn't too big at all. go for it.
  13. oh fayden i'll do my best to get some pics up with me and my blueberry work (my friend gave it back to me before she left for Melbourne) at first i thought the size was overwhelming but now when i look at it more and more i'm falling in love again... will do my best to get pics for ya!
  14. ^^ i'm 5'2" & don't think it's that big :p

    p.s. i own 3 of them & carry 1 to work everyday!!!
  15. wow! please post pics aaa and helenz! would totally love to see...