shortest thread ever

  1. interesting coincidence that jpg opened his fall runway collection with a dancing model and for hermes this is the year of the dance.
  2. Do you feel that it is coincidence?:smile:
  3. To me, it seems like the dance was more to give the "highland" feeling that was present in his collection rather than a nod to hermes.
  4. well, shet my mouth -- who knew there was a celtic dancing model?

    some fabulous coats in this collection:

  5. lol DQ.
    i don't know that highland automatically translates into dancing though, Liberté. he may have just had the jig on his mind.
    i always find it very interesting to watch mr. jacobs stretch himself across his many lines as well.
  6. oh, i read about that model in vogue, apparently, she's trained in that kind of dance. :yes:
  7. I can't wait until they give JPG the flick.

    *dodging tomatoes*.....
  8. somehow i think he might enjoy being flicked.

    nothing wrong with a nice flicking every now and again.
  9. stop, stop - this is supposed to be a short thread. the "shortest ever."

    ps - grands fonds, who would you put in his place? after you flicked him? ooops, just reread your post, ahem, after he got the flick?
  10. hmmm....good question....perhaps Nicolas Ghesquière?
  11. alber elbaz -- didn't he just leave someplace?
  12. Ghesquiere wouldn't leave Balenciaga...
    Heidi Slimane?? He needs a job now.
  13. ^lou, are you know...the gay thing???
  14. NO! did he? leave lanvin? no way...:wtf:
  15. That's sad.......

    Bye Bye JPG - Hello Elbaz???????