Shortest Job ?

  1. What is the shortest duration job you ever had?
  2. it was a temp job and it lasted 3 days. LOL. Actually kinda funny. I'm all about office etiquette and this lady and I were in the break room. She was just staring at me up and down and nothing came out of her mouth (ok, she obviously has issues). I looked at her back w/ a blank look on my face well maybe my face was saying something (my eyes can't lie) :rolleyes:. She was my boss' boss. I didn't care about being let go.
  3. I would say about a couple of months. That is because I was holding down two jobs and had to let one go in order to focus on working the other.
  4. 5 days - a full time receptionist job in a casino, in my college summer holidays (vacation).

    They told me, when I took the job, that I might have to work longer than 5 evenings/nights in a row. But when they, almost immediately, gave me 14 evenings in a row, I never went back!

    Isn't that against the law?!! :wtf:
  5. one week.

    After starting the job, I just had a weird vibe from all my co-workers and I just didn't like it, so I left.I usually leave jobs because I end up not liking the atmosphere.
  6. 2 weeks. just enough for one fat paycheck. haha.
  7. Wow, I guess mines seems like nothing.

    6 months. I got tired of the bs at the job.
  8. lol one day. i went to the training session and called the next day saying it wasn't for me!
  9. One day...It was my first job (my parents made me get a job, since I was a problem child). I was 15 & it was Mcdonalds. Sorry, I couldn't do it...All the cute popular guys I had classes w/ went there & I had to serve them. It was kind of embarrassing.
  10. 3 hours. We just moved to NZ and my husband's boss employed me as an office admin to help around the office. I fluffed around for a while then my husband asked me to do his filing. I told him to do his own and quit (in a nice way, the job really wasn't for me). I also had another job (my first ever, aaaaah, I was so innocent back then) that lasted one day. It was for a "dating agency" that I'm sure was a front for a brothel. There were beds in some of the rooms. YIKES!!!
  11. The shortest job I ever had was 1 year, I guess that's not really short though.
  12. I was hired by a fast food restaurant back in high school. I never showed up for my first day (fast food is so gross, anyway).

    In college I was hired as a telemarketer. I left on break my first day and never went back. Nobody tells me what time and for how long I will use a restroom.
  13. I was a cashier at the commissary in Annapolis, MD. 4 days!
  14. Just over a month. I worked at a yogurt place and one of the customers complained about the amount of toppings I put on his yogurt and I got fired.

  15. This made me laugh Cal :P
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