shorter chain

  1. Hi! i have seen pictures of people carrying their flap bags where the chain seems shorter. they can carry the flap bags like hand bags and not on the shoulder or messenger.

    is this possible with the mettalic reissues? how is this done? is there a special attachment?
  2. you just loop it under the flap:yes:
  3. hmm.. so sorry if im a little slow but what does loop under the flap mean?
  4. See the girl on the right.

    Photo from the reference library originally posted by RoseMary. (click to enlarge)
  5. what i do is tie the ends of the chain straps together with a ribbon underneath the flap. Just slip a ribbon between both sides of the chain, then tie and tighten as necessary, to adjust the length of the chain that suits your fancy!
  6. I pulled both straps on one side, adjust the length, and tuck in the rest that I don't need inside the flap. Here's how mine looks. ;)

  7. exactly those pictures i was talking about. i will try this out tonight. many thanks ladies!