Shortening sweater sleeves?

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  1. Hello I just bought a sweater coat that is make of a double knit wool and need to shorten the sleeves. The sleeves finish with fold back cuffs that button.



    fabric edge

    I still want them to fold back but don't need the buttons on them. I would be taking off alot - past the original crease from the cuff so the button holes wouldn't matter. I saw insrtuctions online about how you could basically open up the side seam unravel and refinish but I am not sure if that would work with this because I think it's a double knit.

    Any advice is appreciated. i k now I can do the cut reinforce adn sew over but wanted to try something else first.

  2. It's really hard to alter knit stuff and make it look right.
    I'd suggest taking it to someone who does alterations on nice clothing. If it's not worth the expense then it can be done at home with a little work.

    Is there a double layer that pulls apart when you tug?

    If so, and you can take the arm sleeve seam apart, up higher on the sleeve without any raveling that's a start.

    Then you would pull the lower sleeve through (inside out) so you can work with it. Sew a new seam where you want the sleeve to end, before cutting it so it won't ravel. Make a couple of stitching lines for strength. If doing it on the machine use the stretch stitch so the thread won't break. Pull right side out again & replace buttons sewing through all layers. If the edge flares out, you may have to hand stitch along the edge pulling in slightly to regain original effect at the edge.

    If it's all one layer, then it's more difficult to make it look right. If you don't have to cut more than a couple of inches off you could just turn the bottom of the sleeve one more time, replace the buttons (through all layers) and tack the inside at the seam. That would give you a thicker folded cuff.

    If that wouldn't be enough then I'd probably leave about 2 1/2" extra for turn under (to hide new edge) (plus add the turn up) sew the edge, then sew a silky bias tape to the edge and hand sew that down to the sleeve to make the hem. Then turn it up and replace the buttons & tacking where needed.

    Clear as mud?
  3. Thanks Katie. I think should probably send it out then. I don'thave faith in myself to finish all that and I want to wear it eventually. :smile:
  4. That's probably best. I've been sewing all my life and always done my own alterations and I think this would be a little tricky to get it looking like it should.