Shortening My List

  1. Ok, I think I've figured out how to narrow down my to-get list. For all the ostrich bags tht I want in colors other than fuchsia, instead of getting bags ... I will try to get them in small accessories instead ... I think that shorten my list by a whole lot ...

    Now, does anyone know whether small leather goods in come in saffron ostrich and cobalt blue ostrich? TIA:flowers:
  2. Ohhh - I don't know, but saffron in FABULOUS!!!
  3. K, you're too funny. but that's a great idea. you've got your ostrich fix on a daily basis with all their small leather goods in that skin.

    re : question on safron and cobalt blue? i dunno know....
  4. My SA said that cobalt blue ostrich doesn't come in small leather goods, I don't know about saffron ostrich. I just thought that saffron can brighten up anybody's day:yes:
  5. Cobalt Blue ostrich will be such a good contrast with fuchsia ostrich!
  6. doesn't someone here have a Safforn Bolide in ostrich?????
  7. Frenchiefan has a Saffron Ostrich Bolide 27cm, and I think Funnyredhed has placed an order for a Saffron Ostrich Bolide 31cm:yes: . I wonder if they make key holders with saffron ostrich?
  8. I didn't think I'd be too crazy about saffron in ostrich until I saw one! Frankly, Kou, I'd get some bags in the saffron and cobalt to break up the pink (even though, of course, fuchsia is beautiful and your favorite.)
  9. GT, you're such an enabler:P ! Hehehe, ok I guess saffron ostrich Plume Elan is back in the running, so is the Cobalt Blue Ostrich Trim.
  10. ^ yeah, Kou you need those!!
  11. kou,

    there is a gorgeous bleu saphir ostrich agenda on luxury-zurich right now:

  12. Nice! But I still think I would get a bag...