shortening heels

  1. Has anyone had a heel shortened before so that the shoe was not as high? How much were you able to get taken off, how much did it cost and is the shoe still comfortable.

  2. Oh, Thank you for asking this question. I'd like to know as well. I have pair that I've been meaning to take to the cobbler for a while now but haven't yet........
    I look forward to any responses.
  3. i think i answered ur question on the js board but i'lkl do it here too.
    Yes u can shorten ur heel max is usually 1/2 an inch louboutins are like only quarter of an inch. Ur cobbler will tell u exactly take off cuz every shoe is different. I think the shoe is way more comfortable after shortening the heel. I love it!
  4. cool... that's good to know! :smile:

    What about adding a heel to flats?
  5. i heard thats possible but i'm not sure
  6. Don't do ot! Before I got used to wearing heels I did this with 2 pairs and i never felt good in them again
  7. maybe it's the cobbler u went too cuz mine have just become more comfortable. There was a pair of shoes i couldn't even walk in now i speed walk in it.
  8. I've also wondered about getting heels shortened.

    Does it change the angle of the heel at all? For example, some of the Christian Louboutin have a perfectly straight, set back heel. Will the heel start to shift inward?
  9. hmmm i'll check my louboutins ina bit and let u know. I think mine r still straight.
  10. Dont do it! I made the mistake of cutting 1/4 inch off a pair of heels once - all it does it make them harder to walk in. Its a much better idea to practice a bit more in higher heels before you give up wearing them.
  11. interesting idea. Can someone please post pics? Thanks a lot!
  12. This is a great question! :biggrin:

    There are so many shoes I've loved, but I've had to pass up because they have 4" plus heels.

    It's all very well saying practice more, but when you have ridiculously small feet for your height + v. high arches (which mean that your feet are at a far greater angle in a heel than a flatter foot would be), there is only so high you can go.

    I simply cannot wear anything higher than 3".
  13. never did it.

  14. well u will never be able to shorten anything that is 4+ inches to 3 inches or below.
  15. ^ No, I know, but at least if it was possible to shorten 8cm heels to 7cm; that would broaden the spectrum. :yes: