Shortening a shoulder strap

  1. I received a nylon longchamp bag, not one of the pilages, but a different bag, its fine and i'd use it.... but the strap is like 3 or four inches too long... is it possible to have a shoulder strap shortened?? or is it going to look really stupid?

    The strap is a woven nylon material that has leather on the ends and then the leather is connected to metal rings which connect it to the bag...

    Where would I even go to ask about that being done??
  2. can you please post pic of the strap?
    i think you can get it shorten at a leather shop
  3. go to a shoe repair shop.
  4. I can't post a picture of the strap because 1. I'm at work adn 2. I currently have no internet at home because I'm in the midst of a move.

    I guess I'll try a shoe repair shop, that's what I was thinking but I wasn't sure if it was correct - thanks :smile:
  5. If its sewn to the rings you need to go to a seamstress. Maybe a good drycleaner has one.