Shorten the strap of Damier Sophie? Anyone?

  1. Hi all, I've got the Damier Sophie in Dec last year. So far, I've only carried it for couple of times with the chain strap for dinner events. I have been dying to utilise it as a casual bag with the long strap as a cross-over body bag. But realised that the strap is way too long, and when done so, the bag touches below my waistline, which is weird looking. Probably I'm not too tall, at 1.63cm, haha.. :p

    Now my question is, does anyone have the same problem as me. Would it be possible to bring it to any LV shop and get them to shorten it? Any solutions? Wish the strap is adjustable.. hmm... Lots of thanks in advance. :smile:
  2. Try calling LV to see if they would shorten the strap. But, I have a feeling that LV wouldn't..... if they sold the bag with a long strap, then that was their intention to use the bag that way. But, it doesn't hurt to call and ask LV directly!!!
  3. Thanks Peace43, perhaps I will do so. Just wondering no one use it as sling bag or majority used it with the chain. ;)
  4. i have a really short body so the strap was ridiculously long on me. you may not want to ruin your strap this way but i used one of those Lucky hair ties in dark brown. i folded the straps on top into an S shape and wound the rubber hair tie securely and made a little knot. cut the excess off. i have long hair so it doesn't show. it was either that or never wear it cross body.
  5. you can always purchase the adjustable strap used for pochettes. I bought one and I can wear it on the shoulder or across the body!!
  6. Angel77 - I had this exact same problem. I'm about 5'5" with heels on and the strap was still too long for me! I took my Sophie to LV and the SA said they would not shorten the strap b/c LV doesn't alter their bags like that. BUT I ended up buying the Bandouliere Reglable strap and it totally matches the Damier Sophie!! It's adjustable too...:smile: The strap is USD$195 - totally worth it IMO. I was so excited to find it because I love wearing the Sophie cross-body.
  7. That is an innovative way to DIY. Thanks Memory Bliss. :smile:

    I've thought of bringing the strap to those shoe/ handbag repair shops, to see if they have a way to alter it.

    Thanks Guilty Pleasure. Which one you bought? How much was it?
  8. Thanks Missymiss for sharing. :smile: Do you have pictures of the Bandouliere Reglabe Strap? (the name sounds long for a strap, lolzz :p) Yep, been dying to wear it across body as a casual sling bag. Love the shape better than the Eva. If only I can get my hands on the mongogram sophie as well. hee... Btw, when you wear it cross-body, do you let the chain show outside or hide it in?
  9. Sorry, I don't have a pic, but if you go the LV website, there are pix of it in the "straps" section. I let the chain show outside when I wear it cross-body...I think it looks cute!:smile:
  10. Ok, thanks alot. I also thought the same. :yes: