Shorted $5 on Ebay

  1. I recently sold a Coach bag on eBay but when I went to the invoice I was shorted by $5 because of some kind of discount that I did not offer. The buyer stated that she does not know where this discount came from but she brought several bags and she got the same discount on all of them. She requested that I send her an invoice for the additioanal $5 which is what I did but I have not received it yet. The auction ended on Tuesday and I request full payment within 48hours. Should I not worry about the money and just send her the bag or wait for the rest of the money? I send her a reminder today via paypal.

    I am new to selling ahd would really appreciate your expert advice.
  2. I wouldn't send the bag until she sends you the additional money. It's only $5, but if you send the bag she may not bother sending you the money.

    I would also contact paypal to see why you were shorted.
  3. Hmm well does her feedback and manner indicate she would? She could have given herself a "seller discount" for 5 bucks in the email eBay sends when she won the item. I found that out a few days ago when I gave myself 35 dollars off with a seller discount because we both agreed on free shipping.
    My advice is to wait for the 5 bucks if she has agreed to pay it! ;) If she knows about all this and has agreed there should be no misunderstanding.
  4. I would just ship it- it sounds like she'll pay and if she doesn't you're only out $5. I just had a buyer who wanted UPS air but only paid for ground- because I was under a time crunch (she wanted it by a specific date) I just shipped it air anyway and she paid the extra $10 with no incident the day after.
  5. Yes if she seems trust worthy you can do that, not everyone is evil, however I like to err on the side of caution. (err? lol)
  6. For $5, it's your call. If it was me, and the buyer already paid for the item (less five bucks), I'll ship it - I'll give her the benefit of the doubt.
  7. I would just ship.
  8. I would just ship it.
  9. it's only $5- i would just ship
  10. I sent her the invoice on Wednesday and I sent another reminder today but I have still heard nothing. The discount that she was given said "sellers discount". I also sent her another email via eBay to check and see if she ever got the invoice. She paid me via echeck so the money is still siting "uncleared" in my paypal account. If she would send the rest the same way I would just send it without the rest clearing first.
  11. it is only $5, just ship it.
  12. I would just ship it, but it is up to you whether you feel that strongly about the principal of the whole thing.
  13. i had a buyer just give herself a discount because she thought she should get one.