short wedding dresses –*help ID and inspire, please!

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  1. Hi there!
    I'm getting married next year, and I know for sure that I want a short wedding dress. I did a search over plenty of bridal sites, blogs etc, and I found one that I absolutely adore. Can anyone ID this? It appeared in the British Cosmo Bride Magazine (I don't know the date, but it was a spread about short wedding dresses), so it should be from some designer.


    Also, can anyone recommend any bridal dresses in a similar style?

    I got a few more pics so you get an idea what I like…



    I don't want to seem lazy, I just love any input you ladies might have!
  2. Love that last one!
  3. don't know but try contacting the magazine. love the last one as well
  4. I would suggest is going to They will search out any dress for a $50 fee! I ran across this site when looking for my own wedding dress, and they sell sample gowns from all the big designers in a variety of sizes. I didn't end up getting my dress there, but I did e-mail back and forth about a dress, and their customer service is really responsive.

    Also, I know Melissa Sweet usually does a few short dresses that are always very pretty, you might try her website.
  5. thanks girls, great tips! I will try those sites.
    Keep em comin'!
  6. Hi there Jennytalula!
    Looking for inspirations for my perfect wedding dress, I've stumbled upon your post here with picture of a dress I may be looking for. The problem is, I could only see a tiny picture of it, because pictures from this forum are being deleted.
    Could you send me a bigger one? Maybe you' ve found out whose dress it is...
    I wonder how your perfect wedding dress looke like:smile: How are your wedding arrangements going? It's so soon now!
    Best wishes!

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