Short Uggs Tall Uggs?

  1. i know u fashionistas out there would know the answer to this one... :yes:
    what length elongates the legs? i have thick calves :shame: but i managed to stuff my jeans into the tall uggs... (the shorter ones too)
    but which look is supposed to be more flattering for me...?:s i'm definitely only going to be stuffing my jeans or pants into them... can't stand them getting wet! :hysteric:
    thanx girls...!!:flowers:
  2. This eason I am opting for shorties, only because I think my new La Jollas are so adorable.

    But I am one of those girls that drive other PF girls crazy, because I generally only wear Uggs with skirts and tights or ski tights. I would say in this case shorties tend to elongate my legs.
  3. ^^^I love those!!! I always buy Ugg clogs b/c they have a bigger heel. I just got patent leather Ugg's! Love them!!!!
  4. I am going for the shorter ones--I don't think that the long ones look particularly good on shorter people with curvy legs--IMO
  5. Tall is definitely more flattering, IMO. :yes:
  6. I'm short and I prefer tall Uggs. I look like a tree stump in short Uggs.
  7. tall Uggs enlongate your legs more than the shor ones....i think...
  8. Tall- so you can roll tem down and wear tem short wen you want to, and long when you dont.
  9. I also like the talls better.. and LondonBrat has a great point! You can turn the tall ones into shorter ones if you want! I also think the talls are more flattering, but just my opinion.
  10. I have the short Uggs and I'm short. Maybe I'll get a tall pair this season. My sister has the tall Uggs and she rolls them down.
  11. i have both, but i much prefer the tall (and i'm short). not only do they look better, but they're warmer... which is kinda what uggs are all about for me ;)
  12. I'm just about 5'5" and I prefer the tall ones when I wear a skirt. That said, I just bought a pair of shorts to wear jeans over since I don't tuck my jeans in :P I'm waiting til February or so to get my talls and wear them with a skirt (which I know some people hate, but I like it).
  13. IMO it's all to do with want to top of the boot to come to exactly halfway between the floor and your knee. So with flat boots like uggs, it's best to go for the short ones. With a heel, longer boots are more flattering as they need to be that bit taller in the boot bit to hit the midway point on your leg. Same principle applies to rolling jeans up/wearing capris.....roll them so they're exacty midway between the floor and your knee, and bingo, instant supermodel legs

  14. Get the tall ones, you can flip them down to make them shorter if you want.