Short term health insurance help

  1. I'm going to be leaving my full time job this month to go back to school and get my masters. I applied to be added to my husband's health insurance but was told that it would be at least 1-2 months before the coverage would start. I am nervous to be without insurance for that long since my job ends in a week. Does anyone have any suggestions for companies that offer this type of insurance and have a good track record? (I've already looked into Cobra and it is too expensive.) I'm only looking for major medical coverage just in case something catastrophic would happen. TIA:flowers:
  2. I think Cobra is the only one that you can use for short term. Good luck.
  3. Cobra is really the way to go. Yes, it is expensive, but if you get a job pretty soon, Cobra can refund you for the premium you paid up front. They will pro-rate the coverage. That's what I did in between jobs a few years ago. I paid quite a bit, but I got a huge reimbusement upon cancellation because I started my new job soon after and didn't need the coverage anymore. Plus, it's a good insurance plan.
  4. Have you tried blue cross/shield? I've never used it but my BFs brother is doing trek america and bought his individual medical coverage through them. Other than that, cobra may be your only option. I know it hella expensive but if it's only for one or two months, it should be too bad no? Well, good luck with and hope you can find something within your budget.
  5. If you're going back to school, check with your school to see if they offer insurance. I just went to my master's orientation tonight and it sounded like they had a really good plan.

  6. That's a good idea...I need to call tomorrow:yes:
  7. It sounds like you are doing a "self quit" at your present job, meaning you are not being laid off or terminated. If your company is willing to provide a letter that states you were laid off your husbands insurance would pick you up right away cause lay off is one of the few reasons your spouses plan will pick you up right away. Other reasons are marriage, birth of new baby, adoption, etc. Some companies will do a letter so that you can avoid a break in coverage.
  8. I wish that were the case!! My husband is self employeed so he just has individual insurance through Blue Cross/Blue shield (It was cheaper for him that adding him on to my company insurance at the time i was hired). BC/BS were the ones that told us that the process would be 1-2 months since we just sent in the paperwork a week ago. (I'm a procrastinator and didn't think it would take that long:shame: )
  9. I don't get why it takes BC/BS 1-2 months! When my dad took a policy out for me after I graduated and was "looking" for a real job, they sent paper work, I sent it back, and I was insured. And I was lazy and it took me a while to actually fill out the paperwork, but the impression we got from the bill was that they covered me even before I officially sent in the paperwork because of the bill we got.

    I'd just look at student insurance for your first semester and see how that compares! May be worth it.