Short Straps or Long?

  1. Every time I see a really cute bag with a 5 inch drop I battle with myself. Will this purse be wedged under my arm driving me nuts? With three kids I can't hold a bag in my hand I need freedom. So I usually convince myself to pass for a bag with a longer straps. I love when the bag has a third strap which gives me even more room to move. What do you like short or long?
  2. I :heart: shoulder straps! I dragged a Kate Spade satchel around for a year, constantly spilling coffee on myself, before vowing to only buy bags with shoulder straps in the future.
  3. It all depends on my mood. I go through stages where I like long shoulder straps, but then I find myself loving my Speedies, etc.
  4. I love the option of the third strap. For me I can't do strap drops of under 7. I need to be able to wear it on my shoulder.
  5. In general, I prefer longer straps to wear a bag over the shoulder instead of in the crook of my arm due to back/shoulder pains. I love how crook-of-arm bags look though.
  6. I prefer longer straps to wear on my shoulder, because I like my hands to be completely free (especially when I'm going shopping!). But I also own a few hand held bags as well that were too cute to pass up!
  7. I like a handle that will fit over my shoulder but then be high up, don't like long straps.
  8. long...i need to have arm breathing room...

    plus when i'm wearing a jacket i need the extra strap length to go over my coat
  9. I've got purses that have long straps (over the shoulder) & ones that go in the crook of the arm. I don't favor one over the other, if the purse is cute, I will find a way to wear it!
  10. The bags that I use the most are the ones with both short handles and a longer strap, such as my Balenciaga City and Anna Corinna Mini City Tote. I like that you can hand carry it, wear it on the forearm, or sling it on your shoulder.

    Ultimately I like to be able to carry it on my shoulder.
  11. I'm definitely all for the long straps, just for convenience I guess. But it doesn't hurt to have one or two that are shorter!
  12. LONG! A must for me.
  13. I think it totally depends on the occasion and the look I'm going for. I love long straps for everyday use, particularly when I'm wearing a coat or a big sweater. I also love a long strap when I'm traveling, so that I can keep my hand on the zipper or clasp on crowded trains, etc. But I do love carrying a shorter bag for more upscale occasions, like out to lunch with my girlfriends. I guess, like anything, it totally depends on my outfit and mood. A variety is my first choice!
  14. long..