Short sleeves are NOT allowed to be worn in the winter when it's cold OUTSIDE.

  1. Just so that you all know, you are not allowed to wear short sleeves when it's cold outside. Like if you're indoors and you've just taken off your cute winter scarf or just your nice winter jacket, you MUST be freezing... you know, indoors.

    Seriously, I never realized how much fuss wearing a short sleeved shirt while indoors (during the winter months, if you're in a place that is cold like the north-- ex. I'm in New England) would cause such a commotion. Does it really look that stupid? I wear plenty of long sleeved tops but I never thought wearing a couple short sleeved tops with cute scarves was a ridiculous thing to do!

    I plan to wear something like that on X-Mas eve because I have something that I think would be cute and I'm going to 2 different X-Mas parties. Am I going to be hearing this all night? It's not stopping me but I find it rude...

    Anyone else have this problem? Is it really that dumb to wear short sleeves indoors during the winter? Even with a cute scarf?? I thought scarves would make it work, if anything.
  2. Tell people to mind their business...if you aren't cold they shouldn't worry about it.
  3. I live in NE too and I usually don't wear short sleeves in the winter. But, hey, where what you want!!
    I am attending a wedding Dec 29 and I'm wearing a dress w/ spaghetti straps. For formal-wear that's pretty much all you can find! I just hope other people are wearing similar dress----I'll feel pretty stupid!
  4. Oh geez, as long as you feel great and your outfit is appropriate for the time of year then of course short sleeves are OK! Even here in the northwest I often wear a short sleeved blouse with theory sweater vests to work and I still stay warm but I don't get cold that easily in general.

    Honestly I would like what you're wearing much better than being all bundled up INSIDE at a party. I can't go to a large gathering in a big huge sweater...with a crowd, heat on, fireplace going...I literally overheat, LOL!
  5. That's ridiculous.

    Tons of dressy outfits are sleeveless, even for winter. And some casual long sleeve shirts are appropriate in summer. I bet your outfits are adorable.

    Wear whatever you want.
  6. Absolutely absurd. I wear shortsleeves all the time in the winter under coats and scarves and whatnot. As someone else already said, better than being inside and all bundled up! I'm sure you look great, don't worry about it.
  7. That doesn't make any sense at all. If you're going to be some place that would be too warm are you just supposed to sit around in some kind of Yeti outfit sweating like a pig to "fit in" with what someone else deems is appropriate? HOGWASH! Wear what you feel comfortable in and tell the mealy mouths to mind their own business. :yes:

    I have a stack of cashmere T's that I adore and wouldn't hesitate to wear them at any time of the year if I felt comfortable in them.
  8. :tup:
  9. tell them you didn't ask for a weather forecast and if you wanted to ask about style you wouldn't ask them. i think it's rude also!
  10. I've been to plenty of places in the winter where the heat is cranked up so high I felt like I should be in a bikini! I'm wearing a short sleeved blouse under a jumper for the holidays, and I don't expect to hear any criticism for it.
  11. Baloney! I do this all the time at work and there is nothing wrong with it. Besides, people feel cold/heat differently.
  12. It really doesn't matter what other people think about your clothes -- as long as you're not being lewd or breaking any laws!
  13. LOL, people can be so rude. I got yelled at for not wearing a coat to a party last night. It was 40 degrees, I only had to walk one block and I was wearing 3 layers! I didn't want the coat to get smoky and I didn't feel like I needed it anyway so I just left it in the car. I was amazed how worked up other people got about me not wearing a coat!!

    I usually have on layers, but I wear short sleeves if I feel like it. I don't get why other people care so much :shrugs:
  14. Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. I personally can't stand long sleeves. If I'm cold, I'll wear a jacket over my short sleeves.
  15. Thats ridiculous!!!