Short Sleeve Blazers?!!

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  1. Blazers.... im totally addicted and need some short sleeved ones to add to my summer clothing collection! Ive come across a few from Elizabeth&James that i like, but id rather not pay $450 for one jacket... any suggestions would be amazing! Maybe something like this... http://******/9xPy9N

  2. pretty cute!
  3. Miami Vice strikes again! :faint:
  4. ^^ :roflmfao:
  5. Better watch laughing at that one. It WILL show your age. ;)
  6. i got something just like the one in the picture with the rolled up sleeve from forever 21. granted, the quality is definitely not as good as that one, but it's really cute and a good value for the price (only around $35). it has interior lining so the quality's better than most of their other stuff.
  7. oops... teehee :P
  8. hahahahahaha @ Miami Vice, looks like a boyfriend blazer to me.
  9. totally a bf blazer, but all the bf blazers for spring are long sleeve... i need short sleeve! F21 has like 2 cute styles but one is really cropped and the other is just a single button, doesn't look very put together..

  10. Me too! I was just about to suggest Forever21. I wonder if we got the same one lol.

    It's no longer on the site though :sad:

  11. I remember seeing this one in the store thought it was really cute, it was months ago though
  12. I roll my own :supacool:
  13. Yeah that's just a long sleeve blazer rolled up. I bought one in Japan for cheap and just cuff the sleeves in summer and unroll them in winter. Although I've seen some that are 3/4 sleeves to make it easier to cuff, I think it's just more practical to get a long sleeved one so you can wear it year round.
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    Last edited: Feb 23, 2010
    Haha we totally did!! That's exactly the one I got. :wlae: Its probably been out for a while which is why it's not longer on the website. I really love how flattering the silhouette of the jacket is and how it matches with everything. Btw love your bag!

  15. Yay we have great taste ;) I bought this a month ago exactly, it was the only one left in the store but I still find out online when I got home. It's probably not coming back to stores though. I wish they'd sell it in more colors, like blue and white.

    The bag is a Botkier Moto Trigger Clutch. It's cute but it doesn't fit much and things fall out when you forget to zip it!