Short skirts?

  1. I have "problems" wearing short skirts. And by problems, I mean that when I wear them I can't pick up things that have fallen on the ground.

    Seriously, how do you pick up something off the ground without giving everyone a picture?

    Just don't wear short skirts? :confused1:
  2. LOL! :smile: I just bend at the knees, so I'm never bending over.
  3. ha, I guess I never thought about that...

    I'll practice a bit and if I don't get it, this skirt is getting returned.
  4. i do the same. :yes:
  5. Love short skirts... bend at the knees and pick up the oject off to the side... very lady like... LOL!
  6. I wear a pair of short, spandex gym leggings under my shorter skirts so that I'm not self conscious about bending over!
  7. bend my knees...or ask someone else to pick it up for me LOL! ;)
  8. Bending your knees will work as opposed to just bending over.
  9. :yes: I do the side thing too if I'm alone, and usually do the stand there and blink at whoever I'm with, if I'm with someone else :p
  10. Bend your knees.

    Is it made of flyaway material? If so you can pile it to one side while you pick your item up. Hope you get what i mean! lol.
  11. I bend my knees and sort of swivel my butt to the side when I squat if I wear a short skirt.
  12. bend my knees, or get someone else to pick it up for me :biggrin:

    usually the latter.
  13. Bend your knees. :smile: