Short/Petite gals what do you like wearing?

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  1. Ok I'm only 5 feet tall.enough to make me depressed whenever I see all gals aorund me are taller :sad:
    I was wondering what petite gals like me wear? Do you have any tricks to make you look any taller? I can't wear heels much as I am developing planter fascitis which makes my feet ache very bad if I wear heels. although I do like them.Any other tricks for the vertically challenged?
  2. i get them tailored. does wonders!
  3. I'm also 5', although I like to say I'm 5'1". :smile: I'm trying to figure out a good answer for you, but the truth is I don't try to make myself look taller anymore, just try to NOT look shorter. So usually as long as I wear fitting clothes (i.e. no baggy or huge billowy top AND bottom), I'm fine.

    I don't like wearing super high heels cuz with my small feet, I'm teeter tottering a lot and it just makes me look like I'm playing dress up. 3.5" is the very maximum I'll go, although 3" is the most comfy for me.

    Bold patterns are usually too overwhelming. I think if you just keep the proportions and don't wear huge oversize sweaters that drag past your knee, you should be fine. I do like relatively big handbags on small girls though (but not the super gigantic ones). What's your body type?

    Don't feel depressed. Grass is always greener on the other side. :smile:
  4. I completely agree with Maddog -- avoid bold patterns (including stripes). They tend to be overwhelming and will "drown" you. Also, avoid super-high heels.

    Here are some other things to AVOID:

    1. A-line skirts. Stick with pencil skirts with a hemline that falls just above the knee.

    2. Cuffed pants; they will make you look shorter than you actually are.

    3. Super long skirts or dresses. Keep hemlines just above the knee.

    4. Long-waisted jackets/blazers.

    Also, be sure all of your clothes fit properly. If something is too big, see if it can be altered. If not, toss it out. If my pant legs or shirt sleeves are too long, I look even smaller than normal.

    I'm not sure which stores you like to shop at, but Ann Taylor and Talbots both have a large selection of clothing for Petites. While I absolutely love high-end designer clothing, I have found that many items don't fit well because of my height.

    Good luck!
  5. I'm 5'1 so I know how you feel! :hugs:

    A couple tips I've read...
    V neck well fitted shirts make your torso look longer.
    Pinstripes in slacks/dress pants make your legs look longer.
    Don't carry big bags that overwhelm you! (I'm sadly an offender...I can't help but love big totes!)
  6. I believe the best piece of clothing for petite girls is skinny jeans. I love them!! I try to get the one that stop at the ankle, so I can wear flats with them. I also like to wear belted dresses that hit at the knee or above. I've learned that accentuating my waist is way to really flatter my figure.
  7. ^that is so funny- i think i look ridiculous in skinnies and i think its because im so short. maybe i should try again...or maybe i need a good balance of stretchy cotton in my jeans...hmmm what brand do you buy?
  8. I have to agree.I look terrible in skinny jeans, any kind of capris, also in skirts above the knee or just below the knee makes me look even more shorter :tdown: skirt hitting mid calf for some reason look better
    also because DH has a very conservative religion wearing them is kinda out of question :crybaby:
  9. I know how you feel. I'm 5'1 with a petite frame and it is very hard to find clothes. I used to feel really depressed in my 20's when I couldn't find clothes that fit. However, I realized later on in my thirty's that it's not really the height, more so than making sure that the clothes fit your frame and are in the right proportion to your body. For example, I spend a lot of money tailoring all my clothes, just so the fit is perfect. I work in a professional setting and wear lots of pants from Theory size 00. Banana Republic, JCrew and other "american brands" just never fit me correctly. So sometimes I will purchase more expensive pieces, like D&G, Versace, etc since the sizes generally run smaller. But I do know how you feel - when I was younger and in law school, I could never afford these pieces.

    I agree that pencil skirts, deeper V necks are flattering on a petite frame. In general, I usually avoid capris, but even that has its exceptions, since it's more about the cut.

    Just my two cents. I hope you learn to love the body that you were given and take care of it. :yes:
  10. I hated the idea of skinny jeans forever, but at this moment, I am wearing the 10" J Brand skinny with heels. I'm 5' (or 5'1") and no tailoring needed! Woo hoo!

    The girl at the cash register made some passive aggressive comment though about "awww how cute" I was to be able to wear cropped jeans as regular jeans. For some reason, my SO was oblivious to the passive aggressiveness of it all, so he just thought it was a weird comment.

    But try these skinnies cuz they look really good. I'm not curvy but not overly thin with a small roundish butt, but it kinda keeps everything in without making me look like a skeleton, so I definitely don't look short in these. I have the one in ink. The one in black looked good figure-wise but I didn't like the feel for some reason.
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    I'm 5'2'' and I love to wear heels with capris. But I do ocassionally wear flats too. I also love wearing long tops that hit the bottom of my butt, and I strap a thick woven belt over it. The belt makes you look slim, and the long shirt elongates your torso.

    I also love wearing dresses with black leggings. Black leggings make your legs appear slim and long.

    I also love layering stuff on. Right now, I'm wearing flats, jean pants, a long black wifebeater tank that hits the middle of my butt, and a cropped green navy jacket that hits just above my waist. Thus, you create an effect where it looks like your body is really tall because your clothing layers each end at different lengths.

    Overall, I try to wear bottoms that are tight or snug fitting and tops that are a little looser. That way, I emphasize my petite legs and it makes me look a little taller. (It's all about the illusion. :tup)
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    Forever 21 has colored skinnies that stop at the ankle. I think they're the perfect fit... at least for me. I also like American Rag but I usually have to wear heels with that brand. I like skinnies because they are form fitting and usually the perfect length that allows me to wear flats. But then again Im a little taller than you at 5'3 so maybe that's why they work for me and not so much for you. I guess you have to find what works for you and stick with it. Good luck with that :tup:

    I agree with everything that lunatwinkle says. I believe the looks she described compliments petite girls very well.
  13. I wear A-line skirts and they flatter my pear shape, 5'1 body. I find them hard to find at the store.
  14. I'm just barely 5'1. I like to wear nice form fitting jeans in a dark wash and heels or really high wedges. I also like to wear form fitting tops, I like scoop necks or v-necks, and tops that show my shoulders when the weather is appropiate for it. When the weather is really hot, I like to wear nice skirts or shorts and (please don't kill me) flip flops. Or I'll wear a miniskirt that is above the knee but not short, (not long either) and wedges.

    In the wintertime I like to wear form fitting knits. Also, I always love Christian Louboutin heels for height, even though I've only got one pair, and they're uber-sexy too. Also I find that the way you stand helps. I tend to be more confident when I stand with my shoulders back and bust out. And I'm really short and if I'm slouched over, some people might stare like, "she's a little short to be that old" but if I look confident then no one really notices my height.

    But I do know what you mean kind of. I see a bunch of girls towering over me, and sometimes it doesn't feel so nice when you're walking through groups of people and you don't even make it up to any girls' shoulders.
  15. I'm in the same boat, short and always have to get things brought in or shortened, etc.

    1. Skinny jeans work, but if you don't feel like your body works in skinny jeans, don't wear them. I hated the way I looked in skinny jeans for about 2 years before I up and bought a pair after borrowing my younger sister's and now, I have a ton of them! If you feel like maybe your butt looks too big (which I sometimes do) in skinny jeans, wear a flowy top with it that covers just around your bum.

    2. If you think you can't pull off skinny jeans, do boot cut or straight leg, the closer to the leg your jeans fit, the leaner you will look.

    3. Since you don't wear high heels, try a low wedge. They add just a bit of height and don't have you teetering on your stilettos.

    4. Pencil skirts are perfect. Though I also think that at the right length, a-line skirts can work. Short girls should wear skirts just at or above the knee.

    5. When wearing skirts, dresses or shorts, don't wear any kind of ankle strap shoe, it makes you look shorter.

    6. Try to stay away from the big belt look, unless you're using it to hold up your trousers, I personally think they make us shorter gals look even shorter. If you like the belt look, use a skinny belt, it's more proportionate.