Short people (4'11 and under) VS Balenciaga bags?

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  1. Hi! I've looked around and I can't see to find much info on this subject, so I'm gonna jump right in.

    I'm 4'8" and 110lbs, and was wondering: is there a size of bbag that would be functional for me (I carry a good deal of stuff) without overwhelming me/being unwieldy? And if you're a little person/below avrg height, can you post pictures of you with your bbag?

    I'm thinking about possibly purchasing a Metallic Edge Golden City Bag in the near future, and haven't really been able to find any size comparisons that are helpful for knowing if this is a bag that's going to be too big to carry or if it's alright. I do not have access to brick-and-mortar stores, as I live quite far out in the middle of nowhere lol.

    Anything helps! Thank you for reading! :heart:
  2. Just a couple of thoughts. If you haven't looked already, there are a few girls photographed with Cities, who say their height is 5'1", and 5'3" near the beginning of the "carrying," thread. Might give you a ballpark idea:

    Even better, I think it might be worthwhile to cut out a rough 15" by 10" cardboard shape and see how you feel about it next to your body. Of course keeping in mind that Bals do slouch somewhat even when new. Also be aware that the older, broken in Cities look significantly smaller when softened and slouchy.

    My best guess for a bag that might be on the small side, yet functional would be a Town. I think the First would look the best on you, but I can't get more than a good size wallet, keys and cell inside.

    I'm sure there is a beautiful Bal waiting for you, good luck with your decision. :tup:
  3. I'm 5'0, petite, 110lbs (soaking wet lol) and I tote around a Balenciaga Giant 12 City and it is the perfect every day handbag. I own a Celine nano luggage and a micro luggage and my city is definitely my go to. It's the perfect size and fits a whole lot! I don't feel like I need to "baby" this bag as much as my others and that's what I love about it.
  4. 5'0 here... Pompons are my fav Bal style. Large and mini!





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  5. I like the day bag, it's roomy without swamping. I'm not sure if its discontinued though?
  6. I'm 5'1" and 98 lbs and I carry several styles of Bal bags. The first city I purchased (pre-loved) was almost brand new, no slouch at all and I sold it as I felt it looked too east-west on my frame. I didn't understand how Bals soften and slouch, a broken-in bag looks and feels smaller. I've included a pic with me carrying a city by the handles on my shoulder rather than the strap, an older chevre bag that's not completely broken in yet. If you're buying new the structure may make the bag seem big initially, but it should soften as you wear it. And I don't have a metal-edged city but I think they are quite structured initially, maybe someone else can weigh in on that. Hope this helps!

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  7. I'm 4'11 and about 120 pounds and I have a metallic edge city and a traveller backpack. I think the city is an amazinnnnng bag love it to death! the traveller backpack I love also but it's not the most flattering as I am very busty but it is super functional. I'm wanting a mini city too! I'll post some nod shots when I'm by a mirror
  8. I'm 5" and the City and Mini PomPom suits my frame!

    I own a Part Time as well, i inititally love it because i thought it look better with G21 better than City but the more i use it, the more i find it doesn't suit me because it is too "long" and heavy.
  9. The bag will be a great fit for your frame, but be sure to test it out to make sure if it will actually fit all of your stuff - and if you like the "look" of a full City.

    I am roughly 5'2" and I only carry my RH City as an evening, going out kind of bag. I can technically fit all of my daytime essentials in the City, but then it's like carrying a briefcase. No slouch, just carting along a medium-sized rectangle all day.

    If you carry a lot of items on a daily basis, consider a Velo then having the strap professionally shortened (of course, only if resale is not a factor for you - though I think there are plenty of Bal fans out there who would jump at a Velo with a shorter strap).
  10. a city will be nice because its such a class piece and very roomy . but you can also try the balenciaga bowling bag or town if you want something way smaller .
  11. I have this question too. I'm 5'4 102 lb, so - not quite as petite - but when I tried on the City bags at the Balenciaga boutique, they seemed overwhelming on my frame: like I looked unbalanced with all this weight on one side, and the shoulder strap was too long (although I understand you can have these shortened/altered), and it was just really...wide? (This is just my personal experience.) But I loved the look and design (sigh).

    Now reading this thread, I'm thinking part of that might have to do with the fact that all the bags were stuffed full to bursting on the display cases - so naturally those City bags looked huge and unwieldy on me. Also, the newness might have meant they didn't yet have the slouchy, body-conforming aspect that a broken-in bag does, like @muchstuff pointed out. (And I was looking at the Metallic Edge City, too, which is also chevre like hers.) But I've been checking out pics in the other threads of the new Metal Plate city bags which are definitely much stiffer calfskin, and even those brand-new purchases look like they get a nice, adaptable slouch when they're not boutique-stuffed to capacity.

    I think a First would've been a perfect fit for me, but they're hard to find now :/
    I was thinking a Town might be better proportionally, although they don't currently sell in the hardware I like. Have you got your heart set on a particular hardware type or a leather color?
  12. Funny, I have a friend who wants a Day bag. We went online and I showed him the men's day on the Bal site and he kept saying "I want one like yours". I laid mine flat on the table and showed him that, yes, it was the same bag, just not stuffed to the brim like all of the ones online were, and that the slouch is there when you're carrying a normal amount of stuff and the leather is broken in. I don't know why they stuff everything to capacity, it's not a appealing look IMHO.
    It will take some time to break in a new City, but it's worth it!
  13. I'm 5'2" and I love First!! Though my stuff doesn't really fit in it. I was debating between City and Town, so I think either one is the good choice for our size :biggrin:
  14. I'm 158 cm (5'1/5'2 I think?) and I find the City to be a perfect size for me. When it gets more slouchy it might look a bit more natural on a petite frame, but I don't really mind the look now - just because we're small doens't mean that all the stuff we need to carry is equally small ;) ImageUploadedByPurseForum1463512612.110706.jpg
  15. Copenhagen, that City looks amazing on you (and your frame)! Definitely making me rethink.

    Muchstuff, that anecdote really helps, actually! The stuffing seriously threw me off too I think.

    Hierophiliac I hope you find the info you need in the contributions here. Keep us updated! :smile:

    I was previously contemplating the chevre Metallic Edge City that I tried in the shop, but now I'm thinking (aka, possibly fallen for) of a Metal Plate City... which has the stiffer calfskin leather, i.e. probably less easy to 'break in'? Although the lovely new modeling pics in this forum show that Metal Plate City bals can get some level of slouch, I still wonder how that would factor into proportions for us petites. ( I generally prefer glossy/smooth/patent to pebbly leathers, and that's always been the sticking point with me and Bals until I saw the Giant 24 (I think? the bgger hardware where they only make 12 now) SHW bags and I just, like, died. Figuratively speaking.
    (I've a broken leg at the moment and hobbling about is literal pain, and as much as I love to shop, I really don't think I could stand a trip to the boutique at this stage of recovery so I'd have to order online! (I'm one of those people who prefers IRL bag reconnaissance to online shopping, don't shoot me).) It's odd, I usually favor structured bags, but the slouch on most Balenciaga bags' leathers are more...natural? aesthetic? wrap around the body in a nice way?... not all unattractively crinkled and wrinkled like some other purse brands' leathers get, e.g. like you pummeled it to death and then haphazardly rolled it in a suitcase for the last X years - they don't look neglected, they look like a look.

    I actually recently (pre-leg snap) bought a black silver metallic edge Mini City & I am TORN. It's so cute! Can't fit much in it, sure. But the strap is so long it hits my hip at a wrong place if I wear on one shoulder and don't try it crossbody (crossbody not a great look for me), and the weight adjuster on the strap I find more annoying/heavy than helpful (?). I've been avidly :graucho:trying to read up on people's experiences having straps shortened. Trouble is - I notice a lot of you petite gals are carrying your regular City bags on your arm, and that makes it look more proportionate. I'm not used to carrying bags that way, but if I love something enough I can dig it! however, the Mini City's straps are too small to really allow for that (and I have small wrists; it's just the design). I think I might have to bring it back (or ask a friend to because of the leg sitch). And maaaaybe, you know, I am so tempted by the idea of an unstuffed City, and how good they look in your gals' pics, I'm dying to pull the trigger online & see how it fits on my frame...