Short & naturally wavy hair... help!

  1. I have naturally wavy hair that's short. I can't seem to find a product that works well to tame the frizz without making it crunchy. Because my hair is short, it's difficult to find something that'll make it look cute. I need something to help me style it easily while still looking nice. Any suggestions??
  2. Graham Webb Making Waves is great-- keeps hair soft and helps with frizz- and my hair is curly and I can only use certain products on it. This stuff is really nice. It's a hair gel that is not sticky or crunchy.
  3. Try the Deva line...developed by the woman who wrote the book Curly Girl. Good Stuff!
  4. I use the Grahm Webb and like it. Also if you can get AG I use the Recoil.
  5. I use Aussie's Double Personality (I think that's the name) which is a leave-in conditioner and anti-frizz cream. I recently cut my curly hair short and I swear by this product. Cheap, works well, and it's easy to find. I also got a tube of Frederik Fekkai's glossing cream and it makes my hair real soft and shiny but doesn't tame curlies so well. Then again, it's not what it was designed for. But I want to give FF's Luscious Curls cream a try!
  6. thank you! :smile: