Short-lived shows that should have stayed.

  1. Im sure many of you have had your fave shows cancelled, thats why I barely watch tv shows cause thats what always happens.

    My fave were american dreams, and reunion. im afraid studio 60 is next :sad:
  2. I liked Jack & Jill w/ Amanda Peet
  3. These are so old but I loved "My So-Called Life" and "The New Monkees."
  4. carnivale, only lasts 2 seasons :crybaby:
  5. Oh, I loved that show :yes:
  6. Relativity and The Nine.
  7. I definitely agree with "Reunion"...they should have let them at least finish out the season so that we could find out what happened!
  8. so-called life was the best...only one season though :crybaby:
  9. I really liked "Firefly". Too bad it only lasted one season.
  10. I loved Charmed.
  11. ditto on the american dreams. too bad the oc only had 4 seasons. even though full house was slightly long, i wish it ended better. i even cried on the final episode (granted i was like 8!), lol.
  12. Freaks and geeks. However, I think it's been released on zone 1 DVD, so if I move across the pond, that will be one of the first things I buy.
  13. "Eyes" starring Tim Daly
  14. Another Aaron Sorkin show: "Sports Night" !
  15. Oh I loved that one !!