short legs...

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  1. hi guys! i was genetically blessed (yeah, right) with short legs and a long there a way to make my legs look longer without sky-high heels?
    thanks in advance!
  2. i have the same problem. I tend to wear black on the bottom more to elongate/illusion of longer slimmer legs. You can also break up an outfit with a belt, such as long tees or tops wear a belt with it. They also say to not wear pumps from the back tends to make you look shorter. Wear open heel (strappy), so the back of leg looks longer.Avoid baggy on pants.These are the rules i've heard anyway.
  3. make sure that your jackets don't go past your hips, the key is to create a long leg line. Wearing high pants will only add the shortness, btw. Wearing pointy toes (not necessarily high) and wearing dark jeans will greatly help.
    Yay for Stacy and Clinton from WNTW! :yes: :heart:
  4. Yes ! I was just thinking about the S and C team ! :biggrin:

    I was also given the shallow end of the gene pool.. I try to stand up straighter - good posture can go a long way. My friend commented that I even sat up straight when I fall asleep in class. :upsidedown:
  5. Always wear footwear in a similar tone to your skin with bare legs (e.g. if you are fair or olive skinned - tan, sand or pale pink and if you are darker - brown) and if wearing hosiery or trousers (pants), wear the same colour footwear as them. This avoids the line of your leg being broken.

    Avoid wearing sandals or shoes with ankle straps as this, again, breaks the line.

    A shoe or boot with a slightly tapering, wider heel is more flattering than a stilletto (as it extends the line of your leg).

    Wearing one colour from head to toe makes you look taller (again, the line!).

    If you are pear shaped, Empire line (high waisted) dresses can be flattering. Or, if you have a small waist (as many people with longer bodies do!) highlight it with a belt!

    Dresses and skirts that hit just below the knee are the most flattering.

    Avoid low slung, hip level bags and draw the eye upwards with shorter to medium length necklaces, earrings and/or brooches. :biggrin:
  6. heehee!! I always think of them in times like this!! :P And :lol: to you sitting up straight while asleep! hehe.
  7. thanks for all the tips guys! gotta work what you've got! hee hee...
  8. I have the exact same build (short legs and long torso). I like to wear pants with a slight flare -- big flares or skinny pants tend to accenuate my short inseam and my legs look really short. So a slight flare with heals. I love wedges because they can look like regular flat shoes from the front. When I'm dressed like this I look "normal" and proportinately balanced. I even have two pairs of wedged Guess sneakers and it looks like I'm just wearing regular sneakers with my jeans.

    Short jacket, as someone else mentioned, is a great trick too!

    With all the new styles in tops (longer, leaner, tunic-style) I have found heels to be my bestfriend as far as fashion goes.
  9. I've got the same build too :P . Great advice - ditto all around :yes:
    One addition: find a great tailor. Spending a little more to get things adjusted to YOU makes all the difference in the world so things are hemmed and drape properly. When my clothes fit the way they're supposed to I feel like my short legs are miles long.