Short hill's Trunk Show

  1. Did anyone go today I could not make it and cant wait to hear about all the new goodies
  2. I couldn't make it either, I'm dying to know what they had at this trunk show.
  3. I can't wait to see any trunk show pics - my Saks isn't having one until the end of Oct, I'm not sure about my NM, and I don't even have a boutique in the state :crybaby:
  4. I couldnt make it either...I hope someone posts pics soon!!
  5. I was going to go, I was actually in Short Hills today, but before I trekked over there I sent my SA a text. She said nothing new and exciting. But who knows, that may have been based on my taste?
    Maybe I will stop tomorrow.
  6. Yes let us know if there is anything, "good". I am still waiting for them to call me about the jumbo bordeaux, supposidly coming in.
  7. I keep checking this thread - doesn't anyone have pics? I'm dying to see pis!
  8. sorry no pics but my Saks in Phoenix had their Chanel ready-to-wear and accessories/shoes trunk show today... I was so excited I completely forgot the pics, so sorry gals. but I am going back tomorrow about a jacket so I will snap some pics then!

    the boots were TDF, blk quilted above the knee and beige smooth calfskin above the knee with a lucite and metallic heel, tall cambon beige quilted pumps, quilted slings and booties were TDF, peep toe platform pumps, and the bags.....ooh la la!

    ok, I sort of went blank after seeing the new lady braid ligne pieces, the n/s lady braid tote in black $3395 and a small lady braid flap in red....the n/s tote comes in black and red and the red is that vintagey looking dark bluish red, would look great with jeans or dressed up. The vintage ligne leather is more pebbly like a fendi spy bag type leather, distressed or maybe washed wasn't as delicate as a flap lambskin so I think it may be a washed lambskin...

    I am on the waitlist for the black n/s lady braid
  9. Who are you waiting for you to call you about the jumbo bordeaux at that nm? I can call my SA from Tysens NM who is on the ball and can locate it-if you want. PM me if you would like me to make the call. That NM is out of whack in Short Hills-after the memorials today I may go back to my office in Jersey and stop by. I will let you know if anything new and exciting, though I doubt it because by now everything has already been displayed.

    I just hate going to NM when I have a limited amount of time. I end up going in for a quick pick up and stay for about an hour talking to the SA's because no one else is shopping.
  10. Will pm u.
  11. I can't process the rest of the info in this post because the "n/s lady braid tote in black $3395" has me :wtf::wtf::wtf:. The LB bowler just went up to $2695 from $2400ish. And it'll be $3395 for Cruise?!?!?!

    I guess the SAs were right that most Chanels will be over $3k by next year. And I will be completely priced out of getting more. :crybaby:

  12. The n/s LB tote is a very large bag. I don't think the LB bowler will be any way near that price(I hope!)