Short Hills NJ

  1. Did Hermes close in Short Hills? And if so when?:wtf:

    Thank you!
  2. That's surprising. I hope you get an answer, HL. :smile:
  3. As far as I know, there never was an H boutique at Short Hills. The NM at SH does have an H scarf counter. NJ's first H store opens at Riverside square Mall in November.
  4. November is that for sure Rose??
  5. ^^^ I called them, and that's what customer services at the Mall said...

    I am going to call H and follow up, we need some invitations to the opening if possible.....
  6. I was thinking the very same thing! It's not very far from me at all, and I kind of hate having to either sift through old merchandise at the tiny Greenwich kiosk, or shlep to the city all the time. I'd love to get in on the opening of this new store!

    What's funny is that last week I went on a search for Hermes at Short Hills as well, because I was just so sure there had been one there :confused1: I guess it's because there's everything *else* there?
  7. Is Riverside Square close to Morristown, NJ?
  8. No, it is about an hour from Morristown.
  9. years ago, my sources told me nm sh was to get an hermes handbag boutique.
    it never happened
    jsut passing on what i was told.
  10. In the early 90's there was a "Barney's" in Short HIlls that sold Hermes. Maybe you were thinking of that store?
  11. I cannot believe an Hermes is opening in NJ! I am so excited!! They are also opening a PF Changs (and they have a gluten free menu for me). Maybe we should plan a November day trip!!
  12. I can't wait either!

  13. Cool an H store and a PF Changs! Sounds like a perfect afternoon:yahoo:
  14. ^^ never been to a PF's... do they serve champagne and dessert?
  15. Desert: Great Wall of Chocolate and Banana Spring Rolls
    Champagne: Don't know. But they make mojitos, appletinis, and cosmopolitans.