Short Hills Mall?

  1. Hi everyone,

    Do the dept stores in the Short Hills Mall in New Jersey carry Chloe bags? If so, which ones specifically? I wanna go check them out :smile:

  2. sweeet. haha do they have a good selection? i mean, compared to what they would have in nyc? im deciding between going to short hills and making a trip to the city. thanks
  3. Was just at short hills yesterday and stopped in Neimans. They don't have too much. If i can remember correctly they had paddington capsule satchel & paddington tote. That's what i can remember. I just passed by. I would bet you might find more in the city.
  4. oh okay. yeah, im looking for the medium paddington satchel. so i should probably go to the city then.
  5. You might do better off going to Garden State Plaza. I was at Short Hills in June (used to leave in NJ but now CA) and there was not much to choose from. NM only, nothing at Nordies, Saks, or Bloomies.

    You could also just go to NYC and go to the Chloe boutique there. It is also not far from BG.
  6. hmm. what stores are there at garden state plaza that carry chloe?
  7. it's been a while since I have been but definitely NM and Nordies. Not sure about other department stores. You could always call to see if they do.
  8. Both Nordies and NM in GSP sell Chloe bags......I was just in both stores yesterday.....I remember NM had some Bay's and them and see if they have what yoiu want.

    If you call Nordies in GSP, ask for Jack - he knows all the styles of the Chloe bags.
  9. i just called the short hills neiman marcus. they said they had a tan color, black, red, and white paddington in stock :smile: cant wait to go pay them a visit!

    thanks so much for the help :wlae:
  10. Great. Please post pics once you get one. Would love to see which one you decided on.:tup: