Short Hills Mall, NJ

  1. I'm heading to Short Hills today and was wondering if anyone's been there in the past week or so and knows what's going on over there in terms of sales or good stuff in general.

    I love that mall!
  2. Jimmy Choo- ALL Spring/Summer Handbags, accessories, shoes 50% off!!!
  3. I use to go to The Mall at Short Hills a lot when I lived in NJ. I saw your post and now I miss it! Loved that place and the no sales tax on clothing. I live in NC now where the tax is 7.25% on most everything!
  4. I was there 2 weeks ago.It was pretty picked over.....Saks had some nice clothing at steep discounts..But that was all I found.No bags/shoes left
  5. I was also there a few weeks ago...almost everything gone from Gucci sale....NM had a few cute Chloe edith bags, but thats about it.
  6. That used to be my local mall! I :heart: the Mall at Short Hills and always visit when I'm in NJ (2-3 times a year).

    Don't forget to stop at customer service and see if it's a coupon book time of year!
  7. Ooh I was so excited to see this thread.....too bad its all picked over. I am in NJ visiting my boyfiends family for the first time, I may just have to run over there still and check things out :smile:
  8. Yup - I was there yesterday and nothing good left at Saks, Nordstrom, NM!
  9. I concur...Short Hills Mall is my local mall, and there's nothing interesting. The next best hope at the anchor stores here is to come in on the first day of the Last Call/Cut sales...usually they get in stock from their other locations, in order to bolster their stock.