Short hair- permed?

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  1. I hate my hair. I need a makeover. My hair barely touches my shouder and the damn stylist screwed up my hair by laying way too much on the top part :crybaby: . I'm thinking of getting a perm but would like suggestion if such a short hair will look good if permed? TIA!
  2. I don't recommend it... The perm will make your hair look even shorter than ever. I'd suggest you get some pretty hair clips and work with it. Or style it with hair products. It only takes a month to grow out your layers but it takes much, much longer than that to grow out a perm.... just a thought.
  3. I would also recommend staying away from a perm. There are much healthier ways to compensate for hair that is too short, flat, thin, etc. Not knowing exactly how short the layers are or the texture (straight, wavy), I would work product into the roots and blow dry; a little volume, especially in the crown/occipital area, goes a long way in camouflaging trouble spots. Good luck!
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