Short Girls Are Phat!!!!!!!!!

  1. Yes we are!

    I came up with this short idea just a minute ago. I got a call from my SA that a JPG Birkin came in (not for me but for another customer) I had asked my SA for the chance to "try" on a JPG for size ref. since I have been told before that "short girls can't get away with the JPG" because it's better on a "tall" woman! I'm tired of seeing all these TALL woman carry these bags in magazines and IRL! ARRRRGGHH :cursing:! Us short people can have fun too you know! So I'm going to go prove myself once more!

    How about we make this an inspiration thread. If your a lil shrimp like myself (5'1" with heels! lol!!!!!) and just love the "BIG OL BAGS" post pictures. Don't discriminate on other bags besides the JPG I want to see it all.

  2. Attitude is everything. :heart:
  3. I'm with you!!!
    Baggs where have you been??
  4. Hey, I'm all for this! I don't have any pics to post yet though.
  5. baggs, did the ostrich ever came in???? i wondered about you.....where have you been?

    yeah, short can be TALL in personality!
  6. Busy. work is driving me insane! I don't have time to do anything anymore. I need a vacation, somewhere where there is at least 2 or more Hermes stores! Oh wait, I'm in NY we have 3. There goes my vacation!
  7. Yes it did and I was in Virginia when it finally came in along with a scarf sent by a TPF'r.

    I'm gonna be honest. I don't like that bag and I see myself replacing it soon.
  8. You, my friend, can surely prove that short girls are phat. If I post a pic, it will only prove that this short girl (replete with flats and very small bags) is FAT! Hence, I will stay away from posting on this thread! :rolleyes:
  9. I'm with ya Baggs! I'm 5'2'ish and not at all tiny and petite and I just got my 35cm Kelly--and I personally think it looks great!!

    Welcome back!!
  10. Are you kidding me. Your so beautiful! Hows that Constance treating you?
  11. Hey Baggs! Sorry to hear the ostrich didn't work out :sad: But I'm sure you'll find something fab to replace it with :yes: Maybe even a JPG :graucho:
  12. You are very sweet, but I am a flats and small bags kind of gal. Although, with a large bag, I could always hide behind it. Not a bad idea.... Where is our resident large bag fan, RC? She looks amazing with large bags and is petite as they come!

    Baggs, I am totally loving the Constance!! Black chamonix is one of my all-time faves. This bag truly sends me. And how are you enjoying the hot, red Paris Bombay? :heart:
  13. Short girl reporting for duty! Of course, all of my big bags are from other designers, but my Kelly is a 32cm and I love it! I say that you can pull off anything as long as you have the right attitude!
  14. LOL Baggs, love the idea.

    I think you'd look great with a JPG.

    Can't help in the pix department though I love big bags - average height and hardly in heels.
  15. JAG - I never would have guessed that you are short! You carry off the 32cm Kelly with such aplomb!