Short dresses are in this summer?

  1. hey everyone, what do you guys think of this dress from Juicy Couture, I'm not usually a JC fan but I thought this dress was cute..
    any thoughts??

    AND, do you ladies like those bubble hemmed dresses?

    I keep thinking those are hard to pull off?

    TIA! :p
  2. i actually like the JC one better..
    it is way cuter than the second one, but i do like the yellow color though:p
  3. ^^ me too
    I just saw a pic of J Lo wearing the JC one in yellow..
    though I'm not a Jlo fan..but she looked good!
  4. If I had to choose one, it would be the 2nd dress, mainly because I don't like the color of the first on that model (skin color is too close to the dress color)..
  5. I like the 2nd one better, love the detail around the bust area & I think strapless looks good on everyone
  6. ^^ thanks ladies! :love:
  7. I like the first one better because I hate strapless dresses and always having to pull up the front because they are starting to slip and get revealing.

    But I do agree, the yellow is SO much prettier, and, AGAIN as someone said, JLO rocked the JC in yellow.

    Maybe combine the two and get the yellow JC?
  8. ^^ yeah I saw JLos pic and it looked great (on her) haha

    eluxury only has it in navy though...have to check out other places!
  9. i love the jc one, also i think mini dresses are great with a light pair of leggings, they're still in right??
  10. I like the 1st one better.. it's nonchalantly chic n comfortable.. especially if they have it in yellow.. :love:
  11. Love them both. The first one is probably more practical though. I wear the bubble hems frequently and think the look is super cute.
  12. thanks for all your opinions and valuable insights ladies!

    I think I may look wearing leggings with it..(just me not used to it) this rate I will have to go to Saks to check out the JC dress and see if they have it in yellow..

    NM online only has it in black...:smile:
  13. i actually like the second one better. the color is great for summer and it's super cute.
  14. They both remind me of nightgowns.
  15. ^ haha