Short cuts to "Weigh-ins"! Free o' charge!

  1. Lets inspire each other!
    Best of all, this weigh-in is Free of Charge!

    Got this idea to dedicate a thread so we can have our weekly / bi-weekly weigh-ins / (or however long) without going to weight watchers weigh-ins. I know they penalize money for people who gain weight BUT we won't do it here! ;)

    Every day counts! Please share tips and secrets to weight-loss!
    Lets all look good!

    I'll start...

    I lost 3 lbs in 2 weeks.

    Normal intake of 1800 - 2000 cal daily (I soooo love my food).
    2 weeks; 8 days of worth of exercise so far counting today (4 from last week and 4 from this weeks)! Tomorrow another day of exercise Saturday rest day.
  2. Bumping a great idea :yes:

    Myself, I'll weigh in next Saturday.
  3. Thanks MissThing!
    You are doing great! Saw your post!
    Lets keep at it together!