Short and Sweet Reveal!

  1. [​IMG]

    Eperon d'Or Twilly and Chaine d'Ancre in Palladium!

    The Twilly is for my best friend for Christmas so I dare not open up the box for fear of ruining the pretty packaging. The scarf ring is sooooo heavy - I am not sure that I want to keep it. I'm going to debate for a few days but I might just send it back. :shrugs:
  2. Congrats (and thanks for the short reveal ;))!

    You may want to consider wearing the scarf ring as a belt ring, to wrap your scarf around your hips. You won't be feeling the weight of it then.
  3. cute stuff!
  4. Yes, thanks for the painless reveal!!! Love your new goodies... your palladium scarf ring is beautiful.
  5. The Palladium ring is beautiful but I always worried it would slide off my scarves so I got horn.

    What kind of twilly is it?

    :girlsigh: That ring is gorgeous.
  6. Yeah I wanted it to wear around my neck, perhaps I should think of getting a different type of scarf ring? I might just visit my store and exchange...not sure yet! I do love the silvery shine of it...
  7. Congrats! The scarf ring *is* very heavy, but it's soooo pretty. Tough call there.

    I hope your friend loves the Twilly! I have that one in green and can't wait for spring so I can wear it all the time.
  8. Very pretty scarf ring. And Twilly! Congrats on the pretty orange... if you return it, you must post what you get! :tup:
  9. I have to say i LOVE your screenname!!! OMG every time I see it, it makes me smile...I love animals and I keep thinking of a very tall giraffe decked out in Hermes!! :upsidedown::love:

    Great reveal! Thanks for sharing and welcome to orange side!!! :biggrin:
  10. Pretty stuff! I love the scarf ring but couldn't bring myself to buy one so heavy! Instead, I snagged a horn one. I WISH I'd purchased the dark wooden one I was looking at! I still think of it and really think it would look great with my scarves! Dang!

    I'm sure you BF will be thrilled with her orange box! Who wouldn't be?! What a sweetie you are to snag her something so nice!
  11. Thank you! :shame: The screen name actually comes from a Paul Frank character named Clancy who is an abnormally short giraffe, which makes him sad:

    But wouldn't a giraffe decked out in Hermes be a hoot? A 40cm Birkin would look tiny!
  12. I agree 100%! This look is so great right now and this ring is the best.
  13. Giraffe, Congrats!! :smile:
  14. Congrats! Beautiful design!

    Re the scarf ring. I find the weightiness a nice feature for full scarves as it helps it drape a little better on me. I've never had it slip off as there's quite a lot of it to bunch thru the holes of the chain d'ancre. In fact it's a bit of a tug to get it to slide down to the position I want when adjusting my scarf on me.