SHOPTWIGS Coupon codes, anyone?

  1. Does shoptwigs ever have any coupon codes? If anyone has one, please list here. Thanks!
  2. I don't know if SANGRIA would still work or not. I used it in June. I got my Blue woven Skye for 800 down from 1000.
  3. I was told by Kristin at Shoptwigs in August that they offer a 10% first-time customer discount on regular priced merchandise. It's not much, so I don't know if this helps you in any way.
  4. Thanks Lexie, I tried but it didn't work. Thanks for trying though!
  5. Is there a code for this, or do I just call and they will apply it?
    Thanks so much!!!
  6. I wrote to Shoptwigs in August about price matching Revolve and was offered the 10% discount. There was no code, so I later emailed Kristin to take advantage of the discount. Were I you, I would just email her and let her know what was told you. If she doesn't offer the same, or if she doesn't remember the transaction (as was the case with Shopbop!), just send me a PM and I will email the letter to you.

  7. Thank you so much! Any little bit will help!