- sale...ever?

  1. Hello there-
    I've been manaically checking everyday (several times) as I await the sale price for the banana hobo in Mouse. Will it ever happen? I think shoptwigs is the only online retailer that carries the hobo in Mouse (to my knowledge).
  2. I remember that thepursestore had the banana hobo on sale, but forget if it was mouse or cashew. I think they have a discount code once in a while, but I don't remember them having a clearance. They must, to make room for new bags. Hmm...
  3. Thanks. I think it was cashew. I'm holding out for Mouse! Of course I'll probably be onto a new bag by the time it finally goes on sale. I'm quite fickle when it comes to handbags!
  4. I haven't seen any permanent markdowns on MJ bags at Shoptwigs. They run various promotions every now and then: Free Gucci sunglasses with an order over a certain amount, 15% off any order on their 1st anniversary, 25% off MJ bags during their Private 1-Day sale, etc.

    Shoptwigs has great customer service, I highly recommend them. =)