Shoptwigs 30% Sale Off All Kjl!!!

  1. Just what I needed when I had implemented a ban on EVERYTHING on myself as of yesterday night!!!


    I incorporate KJL pieces into the everyday Yurman & Lagos pieces I wear and always get so many compliments on it. I never used to wear "costume jewelry", but Kenneth Jay Lane totally changed my opinions on it! :p

    Here is what I just bought w/ the 30% off code LOL


    They are both rings.

  2. really cute:yes:, i especially like the turtle ring
  3. Thanks. They have it in a coral color too I think. :smile: I thought I would get crazy w/ the jade. haha
  4. How cute! I have never heard of him before, but I am in love! :heart:
  5. Aww, they don't have the flower ring with the pearl in the centre. I love that, can't wait till it goes on sale somewhere!
  6. Hi Ashaks,
    What is your everyday Yurman & lagos pieces if you don't mind me asking??
    I love Yurman, lagos & Konstantino! :smile:
  7. Have any of you bought anything by A.V. Max? They stuff is very cute, but just want to know what it is actually like.
  8. He has been around FOREVER, but he got really popular when "Sex and the City" was on b/c a lot of his pieces were worn by the cast. His most famous one I think is the gold butterfly necklace that Sarah Jessica Parker wore in an episode.

    These are the other two pieces I have from him that I love...
  9. K, wrong thread, but go to Use code "toutie25" and it will give you 25% off. Their prices on KJL are the cheapest actually, but they don't have as much selection. They ship for free UPS 2 day and their CUSTOMER SERVICE ROCKS!!!

    I got my strawberry necklace from them for $75 flat and the small yellow flower ring for $38! And, they arrived at my house the next day too.:tup:
  10. I haven't. I think it's really cute too, but I tend to be fairly boring w/ my earring choices for everyday wear. lol I wear nice, big diamond studs my parents gave me when I went off to medical school.

    I have no experience with them, but I'm sure if certain designer boutiques are carrying them, it is great quality.

    I actually just bought some CC Skye and Vita bracelets yesterday. I'm trying to branch out a little. :p
  11. Everyday, give or take a few days b/c I'm in medical school so my jewelry decisions sometimes vary on what rotation I'm doing, but I wear these 3 pieces for sure if it's appropriate....


    Those are my 3 standard pieces though that I don't leave the house without wearing. lol

    Then, necklaces and a few of the rings from both Yurman and Lagos I rotate. Rings, I have a turquoise one and an amethyst one. I'm lucky and my sister also buys a ton of Yurman & Lagos so we often trade to switch things up.

    I have several of the chains, and then I just buy new enhancers when I can. Or, I temporarily steal from my sister's collection. :roflmfao:
  12. Ashakes
    Your bracelets are lovely!!!

    Heres mine, Yurman crossover X ring and Lagos Heart bracelet that I wear almost everyday!

    btw, thanks for the frankeys website, i ordered a pearl ring the other day with your code for 30% off!:p
  13. Thanks bluebe. I love your pieces too! I have ALWAYS loved the crossover ring. And, I have the Lagos heart necklace that is similar to the bracelet. It's this,, but I put it on a Yurman chain when I wear it. I got it when I was 16, so I will never get rid of it. :smile:

    Plus, I bought my niece a Yurman Kids heart necklace, so she thinks it is so cool she has a similar necklace to her Aunt. haha

    What color flower ring did you get? Do share!