ShopSheBang Sidewalk Sale-Aug. 25th & 26th (Chicago Gals)


    Shebang...extra savings this weekend only. Shop Shebang's summer clearance at our annual sidewalk sale.

    August 25th and 26th
    Savings Up To 75% Off

    1616 north damen avenue
    chicago, illinois 60647

    phone: 773.486.3800
    fax: 773.486.3826
  2. thanks for posting! have you been there before?

  3. No, I'm sorry, I haven't. I have been to Chicago only twice in my life! HEHE!! It's just that I have subscribed to every newsletter possible, and I try to post the sales in case they are of interest to someone else.
  4. I recognized that :tup: THANKS so much (your mailbox must be exploding every morning...)
  5. Ha!! You are soooo right...but, it's fun!