shops2much growing collection

  1. Hi all,

    Here's my collection. In the past few years, it's been mostly Juicy Couture. My bf nearly had a heartattack when he saw my pictures of Juicy Couture. Not just Juicy, I also have a basic Coach wristlet. This year I've indulged in some dreamy Louis Vuitton and Dior.

    To begin, something small. My everyday, anytime use, Coach wristlet in khaki signature.


    Juicy Couture bags. I love big bags!


    Small Juicy accessories and jewelry boxes...

    My LV. Pink CB and white MC.


    I'm hoping for some more LV next week when my bf comes back from Nice.
  2. Besides purses, there is my ever growing Juicy Couture Charm collection.

    The family with my laptop supporting a few:

    Close ups of my bracelet and some charms:

    Multimedia Charm Bracelet (I love the wing):

    Teddy Bear, Undie and Perfume Charm Set:

    Double heart lipgloss bracelet:

    More to come! Just gotta run out the door anddo some errands.
  3. Wow with the juicy
  4. I love your collection. The makeup boxes are so cute. Your Louis Vuittons are nice set!!
  5. Wow! I love all the charms!! Great collection!
  6. That is a ridiculous set of charms you got here!
  7. OMG-you have an entire JC store!! You also have my wishlist bag- cherry blossom pochette
  8. Love the MC Coeur and CB family!
  9. My mom agrees with you on the JC store. She just hopes that I slow down my buying at least. She loves them too and wears a lavender heart charm and Aquarius charm as pendants or on her Juicy bracelet. One of her best friends wanted to buy it off of her, but it was my Valentine's day present for her. They're all so pretty. Each is so unique and detailed.

    I had been dreaming of a CB pochette and papillion since they came out. I had to have one of each, it is just an amazing print! I stared at each for a good 15 minutes when I got them in the mail from LT. I was so dazed, it was just joy. :yahoo: LT still has a brown CB pochette, get it before I do!
  10. Your Juicy charm collection is amazing.
  11. WOW so many charms!!
    Love your coach wristlet!
  12. Love your LV collection!

    You have so much Juicy!!! :nuts:
  13. Gorgeous collection!!! Thanks for sharing it w/ us!!!
  14. SO many precious juicy charms :heart: and that yellow/blue juicy girl bag is the most adorable thing i've ever seen. i want. haha :biggrin: thank you for sharing!
  15. gosh you are walking Juicy shop!

    Well done you - fab collection