Shops for vintage fashion magazines in Paris?

  1. I'm planning a trip to Paris in August, and would like to find a good antiquarian who sells vintage fashion mags, like Vogue and similar. I have tried to search on the web and in guide books, but haven't found anything. Maybe someone on the PF knows?


    I love vintage mags for the ads & fashion pics - reading them is like making a trip back to the old times!

  2. Your best bet would be the quai de Seine, which has lot of little book sellers. They might have them AND know who else might have them.

    Although here, there probably aren't many. I had boxes and boxes of Elle from the 80 and dumped them recently.
  3. Thanks, Perja, thats a good idea! I'll check them out while I'm there, and ask as well. It's funny, I have found many great antiquarian bookstores in London - specializing in photo books, mags, fashion literature, art - but not so in Paris. I wonder if the french aren't that interested in old books, or if their antiquarians are just harder to find?
  4. I would visit the Porte de Vanves Flea Market (metro stop Porte de Vanves) and also the venders who sell things in stalls along the river near Notre Dame as Perja mentioned. Porte de Vanves is open Saturdays and Sundays, arrive early and bring cash.
  5. Thanks, Roo! I'm not familiar with the Vanvers flea market, I have only been to Pte de Clignancourt - used to work there and sell Swedish military outlet clothing in the 80:s - but find it much to big, loud and unfriendly nowdays. Will try Vanvers instead.