Shops for Balenciaga in Las Vegas??

  1. i am on my way to las vegas for some intensive retail therapy (and spa getaways!!):yahoo:

    where should i go for the best balenciaga shopping in town? i'm looking for the city in vert, marron, or truffle

    thanks for the tips!!
  2. i just checked and i didn't see balenciaga on their designers list. should i call to see if the carry the item?
  3. u have to email aloharag and ask their inventory.

    u should post in the balenciaga thread to get more responses :yes:
    and g luck!
  4. i know i can order over the phone with balenciaga nyc, too. i posted on the balenciaga thread, but i only received one response today. maybe it was a slow day for the bbag!!
  5. i think i saw some post on balenciaga about the b bags shopping in vegas, maybe u can dig back the threads.