Shops at rakuten

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  1. I believe Rakuten is like eBay so it depends on the item
  2. Hi all,

    I've been using rakuten's shops for years now with no trouble, so lately I started searching for some "expensive" handbags. A few stores have some interesting ones but I'm not sure if they are authentic. e.g., the Gucci bags at Primo Grande or CUORE: (click Gucci banner at the top)
    some of them look real (those over 200,000 yen ones)... and some, especially those white ones, look fake. e.g,, (but of course the title said Genuine, brand new). I'm not even sure if Gucci makes those styles. The price though are still quite high... expensive fakes?

    What do you think? Are these shops trust worthy? It's just very confusing if a shop sells mixture of fake and authentic stuff. :confused1:

    Thanks in advance!
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    Hi, I will be visiting tokyo and heard that there are many shops that sell second hand authentic designer bags. I want to buy a chanel 2.55 but would like to know whether they do sell originals. One of these shops is called rakuten and also has a website.
    Has anyone bought a bag from them or any other store in Japan selling second hand chanel bags?

    Do you know of a shop in tokyo that sells original second hand chanel bags?

  4. thank you
  5. ^They say Rakuten is like ebay with a lot of smaller stores also selling second hand items. The best advice would be to authenticate the item you are interested in before buying, and stay away if there are not enough pics for the authentication.

    Hope it helps.
  6. Anything from Japan/China Advice --> RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN !!!
  7. I'm sorry but are you sure about that ? From China yes no questions asked.But Japan, here in Japan, I don't think so.Most people here wear authentic stuffs and as far as I'm concerned, they are very strict with fakes..

    I am not a Japanese but been residing here for so many yrs. and I think the "Run away as fast as you can phrase" is a bit unfair.. Just saying :smile:
  8. I really sorry for what I've said :sad:...yea I was being abit unfair...I take it back

  9. It's okay. thanks for taking it back :smile::smile:
  10. There is a LV bag on ebay with the date code N55215, I don't know what tht means and if it's authentic. Anyone know? THX, Pam
  11. Hi and welcome! This code is not a date code but it could be a product number. You could ask for authentication etc in the LV forum

    Hope it helps.
  12. Recently purchased a louis vuitton speedy 30 bag from a seller in japan, I returned the bag because it appeared to have a fake feature, the lining of the inner pocket was vinyl or plastic, needless to say I was disappointed, any thoughts?