1. Does anyone have a coupon codes? There's something I'd like to get, but all the codes I tried didn't work for me.

  2. Code toutie should give you 30% off. Make certain that you sign into your account first because otherwise the codes don't work. Also...I have a aren't ordering a Gerard Darel bag are you? If so, please PM me first!!!
  3.'s another site that carries cute baby clothing!
  4. Thanks baga for the tip!! Hehe...I knew you would know the're the best. That's exactly what I doing wrong.

    No I didn't buy a gd bag. There was a pair for dolce vita shoes that I wanted.

    Cute website....argh too many temptations.

  5. I only knew because it had previously happened to me!! BTW...please tell me ..was this
    (Expecting twins: a BOY and a GIRL!!) there the other day when I asked the sex of your twins. If so, then I am either going blind or I am in a complete state of oblivion!:weird::wondering:search:
  6. No, don't worry dear you are not going senile. I just added that after you asked.
  7. Thank you sooo much! I thought perhaps I had been looking at too many "Deals & Steals"!! He He!! :lol: