~ 35% Off Everything Through November 1st

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    35% Off Everything
    Code: luckybreaks6

    (Just an FYI...I belive that Revolve matches them!)
  2. It would be wonderful if Revolve matches this coupon!!!
  3. Will revolve only match on items they both carry?

  4. I have emailed them to inquire and will post their response as soon as I hear back. If I recall correctly, that has been their policy with recent price matches.
  5. I emailed them last night and they promptly replied this morning.

    "Thank you for your inquiry. We are matching this code as of today, 9/16. We can match the code for 35% off the same items that are carried on both our site and on ShopRobertson. If they do not carry the same item, then we can match the code up to 30% off on same brands that are sold on both of the sites.

    You can contact us with the order number and we will manually adjust the price for the order at that time. Please let us know if there is anything else that we can assist you with as we would be glad to help. Thank you and have a nice day!"
  7. i am doing a live chat with them and the say they are only matching on items that both sites carry. y'd they change it all of a sudden? >=O
  8. Thanks i just used this to get a Goddis sweater i'd been wanting :smile:
  9. Anyone tried to use this code with sale items at They have a pair of sandals I really want, but when I tried to apply the code in checkout it said it was invalid.
  10. Hmm, now it does seem to be working. I tried just sale sandals, no go. Then sale sandals with a sale shirt, worked. And now just a sale shirt, worked. Maybe it is clothes only or a minimum purchase required? Not sure, but 35% is worth the hassle ;)
  11. Sorry PoshPoet. There were no other details in Lucky, however it read "35% Off Everything". It should therefore apply to both sale and non-sale items IMO. You might want to call them about it.