ShopPurpleSkirt Offering Mike&Chris Austin $350


    FYI...Late last evening, after noticing that ShopPurpleSkirt carried the Mike & Chris Austin at $876, I emailed them to inquire about the possibility of their matching Revolve's reduced price for the same item.At the same time, I told them of how Revolve also offers a 30% discount to customers on their first order. To my amazement, I received a warm reply this morning from Bev Carpenter, who eagerly offered to discount the handbag!! She later emailed me again to advise me that she has now discounted the handbag on her website to a LOW $350 with free shipping!! This lady is incredibly nice!!! Don't know how many she has in stock, but I told her I would post it on tPF. I thought perhaps there might be some tPF members who missed out on the Revolve sale so I figured I would ask. Go for it ladies!!
  2. Thanks! I jumped on it!
  3. I always knew there was a high markup on bags...but not this much! Holy moly!

    I wonder why these bags are being discounted so steeply? I wish I would have waited on mine. Ouch. :sad:
  4. Have you carried it yet..can you send it back and then buy this one? I so happy that someone was able to benefit from this.
  5. Yes...I have had it since September. Thanks though! :yes:
  6. Sadly, I got an email today saying that moments before I checked out someone else bought it. So, I was promised my card wouldn't get charged since no bag to be had...
  7. I'm sorry....I have no idea how many they had. I just decided to write to various boutiques who infrequently discount their bags to ask why they weren't more competitive. Honestly, I was surprised when Bev responded so positively. Others did not...not that they were negative, but they either did not offer to match the discount, or remained firm on their higher prices. There are many more that I plan to contact. I am still not planning to buy any myself until the end of the year.
    Did you look back at the Revolve site? I happen to know firsthand that an Austin was returned! :yes:
  8. Thanks bagachondriac, you were so kind to post the deal in the first place. Hopefully it was a TPFer who checked out and bought the bag moments before I did. Someone had posted earlier that the Austin was back on Revolve but when I checked it was out of stock. I'd love to find the short Austin--the one that is not as big as the original Austin. Please post if you see any more sales. Thanks!!